Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife Under $50

It is said that gift is priceless but in real life gift means a lot to everyone. Especially a gift of Valentine’s Day means a lot to your love.  Gifting flowers is a good way to show and express love but sometimes you need more than that. Don’t worry; making the day special or gifting your love something special won’t cost you much. In fact, if you plan for this than it will definitely cost you much less than your expectation. Now here’s a list of some of the many gifts you can plan for you lady within the budget of $50 and still it will be more gorgeous than a big diamond ring.

Indulge her with chocolates

You heard it right, chocolates. Women love chocolates, it doesn’t matter whether they’re on a diet routine or does not have sweet teeth. They adore it. So indulge your ladylove with a pack of heart shaped or flower shaped chocolates. The gift will be lovelier if you choose to have her favourite ones. You can easily get a two ounce bar in $3-$5 in the market. Or you can buy a golden wrapped box of small heart or flower shaped chocolates for her within $10. Either way chocolates are the best pocket friendly way to express love in a very romantic way till date.

Make her gadgets personalized

Make her remember your love every time she turns her laptop or IPhone on by gifting her a personalized cover. A simple personalized cover with either both of your photos on or a photo of simple love can be a very memorable gift for anyone. Especially for those who have long distance relationships. Gifts that bring back beautiful memories are something every woman cherishes most. Also this won’t cost you much. Depending on the size and type of cover you’re looking for it will cost within $25 to $30.

Arrange a home spa for her

This is something most romantic for every woman. Now you cannot always afford to let her visit some expensive spa as a Valentine’s Day gift. But within a budget of $20 arranging a sweet and warm home spa can be very refreshing and romantic for her. Simply indulge her with a hot bath with her favourite bubbles and a good massage. Also you can light up candles and bring some wine to make it more romantic but that’s totally up to you. This will help to lift her Zen. End this up with a lovely and warm hug wear which you can get from Wal-Mart within $15 easily.

Brew your love for her

Brew her cup of flavoured coffee with lots of cream and she will fall for you all over again. The medium roasted ground espresso of the limited edition Pistoletto Foundation Cans can be a great gift for your love. This is a pocket friendly and a quality gift for any woman. This coffee costs only $28 for two packs of 8.8 oz cans in the internet. Simply order a pack for her this Valentine’s Day and fill the air with the sweet smell of the coffee and romance.