Fashion Experts Lists Down Style Quotient With Footwear To Get Confident Body Image

Body Image

The saying – ‘The first impression is the last impression’, is definitely something which should not be ignored. You must have often heard your elders shouting to clean your shoes. Well, like always they are right. It is the shoe that gives an impression of the person’s lifestyle. Today, where everything is moving forward at …

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Anushka Sharma’s animal shelter-“Pari” of Animals

Last year on her 30th birthday on 1st May our beloved “Pari” Anushka Sharma revealed her beloved plan “to open an animal shelter”.  Anushka Sharma’s animal shelter will be established on the outskirts of Mumbai in Dahagaon village in Shahapur.  Anushka said “ I’m building an animal shelter just outside Mumbai – a home for …

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Reasons to Get Term Insurance Plan in Your 30s: Financial Coverage for a defined Period of Time

If you are in your early 30s, then it’s your solemn responsibility to secure your family’s future. How can you do that? You can choose any of the term insurance plans that you think offers the best benefits to you and your family. The premiums of term insurance depend on your age, the insurance’s duration, …

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