Fashion Experts Lists Down Style Quotient With Footwear To Get Confident Body Image

The saying – ‘The first impression is the last impression’, is definitely something which should not be ignored. You must have often heard your elders shouting to clean your shoes. Well, like always they are right. It is the shoe that gives an impression of the person’s lifestyle.

Today, where everything is moving forward at a lightning speed, so is the fashion and its ever-changing trends. Everyone, especially the youth want to keep up with what is trending. But sometimes this might become a little difficult. Well, every problem has a solution and so does this one. Saket Agarwal, founder at Lazy Jojo, and Surabhi Agarwal, Head of Merchandising at Crocs India, have listed a few ways of gearing up the style quotient with footwear.

Following the trend of being comfortable and also be fashionable, the experts advise experimenting with loafers or funky sneakers. “You can pair your sneakers with kurtis and saris as well to make the look edgy,” they suggest. Another thing to try is pairing up Garfield or Mickey Mouse print shoes with loose and ankle-length cargo pants and knotted shirt. You can also go for striking metallic heels or colour rich pumps. With an all-white simple and sophisticated attire, one can opt for big bold colours and attractive heels.

According to the fashion experts, a dull formal look can be entirely changed into a fun look just by changing the shoes. Instead of formal shoes, try pastel coloured shoes or wear canvas shoes with an attractive doodle print. This will surely be a twist to the formal image. A boring mundane jersey dress can be made vibrant by pairing it with a subtle but quirky print shoe. Another thing that can be tried is adding a clog to your shoe-drobe.

Apart from this, just to add an element of distinctiveness to your statement dress, pair it with floral print shoes. You can also experiment with different print shapes on your shoe like arrows, zigzag, squares etc. These different print shaped shoe can be worn with a number of dresses.

To add fun to your get-togethers and parties, go for a shoe theme. You may or may not have a dress code, but having a shoe code will be definitely something new and fun to have.

So all the fashion freaks must gear up to beat the fashion trends with these easy and amazing tips for footwear.

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