Can Diabetes Lead to Kidney Problem

Diabetes and Kidney problem

Diabetes is a condition in which the glucose burning capacity of the human body is impaired. This results in the accumulation of excess glucose in the blood. This accumulation increases to such an extent with time that it becomes difficult for the body to perform its normal functions. The body becomes slow in reacting to situations due to the excess accumulation of the glucose in it.

symptoms of diabetic kidney disease

Kidney problem is when the kidneys stop performing their normal function of filtering the impurities of the body and throwing them out through urine and defecation. The condition aggravates to such an extent that the kidneys need to be replaced or the person has to undergo dialysis. The latter is a medical condition in which the unwanted matter from the kidney is removed by artificial means.

How can diabetes lead to kidney problem?
Diabetes is caused by the accumulation of more glucose in the blood. This excess glucose is likely to damage the blood vessels to such an extent as to cause kidney problems. People with diabetes, who do not take proper care for it, are also likely to develop high blood pressure. This high blood pressure can also cause kidney problems. If your body exhibits, symptoms like

• Feeling the need to urinate frequently
• Swelling of the legs
• Puffiness around the eyes
• High blood pressure
• Fatigue and subsequent weakness
• Loss of appetite
• Nausea and vomiting
• Itching and easy bruising
• Headaches
• Shortness of breath

causes and treatment

Then it is quite likely that you have diabetic kidney disease.
Diabetic kidney disease is said to be caused when the body exhibits the following conditions:
• Swelling of the hands and feet
• Swelling of the face
• Poor appetite
• Nausea
• Weakness

The conditions mentioned above are not exhaustive; however, they are more common in people afflicted with diabetic kidney disease. There are ways to manage diabetic kidney disease. However, we always say, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is better we prevent the onset of diabetic kidney disease rather than going for curative measures later. If we take certain precautions right at the inception of the disease, it is likely that we will be saved from a lot of needless trouble.

Diabetic kidney disease can be prevented. In early stages of the disease, it shows no symptoms. However, if you are observe conditions mentioned above, then it is quite likely that you may be suffering from the disease. This malady can be cured by taking substances that help cleanse the body. Aloe Vera is a good cleansing agent for the body. The kidney virtually loves it. It helps the kidneys function better. There are other cleansing agents. Cranberry juice is one of them. Lemon and lime-based citrus juices can also be counted among cleansing agents. Water is the universal cleansing agent. It is the best remedy for diabetic kidney disease. However, we tend to neglect drinking water regularly because it is easily available. It is human tendency that things, which are easily available, are taken for granted.