Onion Juice Can Stop hair Fall and Boost Hair Re-Growth Naturally

Ah, Onions, the unspoken hero of the French Cuisine, and any other Cuisine for that matter, its flavor is a paragon of excellence, but, as surprising as it may sound, Onions, more specifically onion juice is a top-notch remedy for Hair Growth.

Hair loss has always been a very common issue, you’ll either have bald patches, total baldness or just gradual hair thinning.

Androgenetic Alopecia is one of the most common causes of hair loss, as the name implies is a genetic hereditary condition, the others being hormonal changes or medicational side effects.

In a sea of products to prevent such a chaotic condition, one stands out, not just because it is effective, but because it comes from the most unexpected provider, Onion Juice.


– They contain certain minerals which are great for the hair.
– They can’t be used is the person is allergic to Onions.
– They are very smelly and can make us cry, so adding lemon juice or rose water could be extremely helpful.


Although it hasn’t been extensively researched and prove beyond the reason of a doubt, some experiments do have indicated that using Onion Juice to regrow hair has been quite effective, as a matter of fact in just weeks after starting to apply the juice on a daily basis, hair does begins to regrowth in the bald areas.


Well, studies have shown that the nutrients found in the onion juice help to nourish the hair follicles, increasing volume, shininess, and strength. With all the extra nutrition being applied to the hair also prevents breakages and thinning.


Onion Juice is rich in properties like antibacterial and antifungal, helping to prevent hair loss, while also helping hair regrowth. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing benefits Onion Juice has:

– As previously stated, onion juice’s nutrients are very good for the hair follicles and helping restore health to your scalp.
– Their richness in sulfur work wonders in preventing breakages and thinning.
– Their potent antibacterial properties are very effective at fighting off infections in the scalp, thus reducing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth.
– Their potent antioxidant properties help to reverse premature graying.
– If the juice is applied on a regular basis it also enhances our hair natural shininess.
– Recent studies have shown that the onion juice also helps to prevent head and neck cancer.
– It makes your head uninhabitable for lice.
– It adds volume to your hair.
– It fights off dandruff due to its high antibacterial properties.
– The onion juice also helps to improve blood circulation, which is another reason is so effective at reducing hair loss.

You don’t require the help of an expert to make onion juice at home, nor should you go about purchasing it from your local naturalist shop.

It is very simple to do it at home, just peel the onion and cut them into four, blend them using your juicer or grinder, add a little water if necessary, and using a muslin cloth filter it, you don’t want any chunks of onion sticking to your hair.