4 Simple Ways To Naturally Increase Your Height and Grow Taller

The increase in height of any individual will depend on that person’s age. There are certain exercises that can effectively increase muscle length and height even long after puberty.

Those muscle stretching exercises can be divided into three categories, static, precontraction stretches, and dynamic.

So, here is a list of all exercises that have been proven to be more effective at increasing height.


Swimming is one of the most effective and beneficial forms of exercise that truly increases height. Because it is a low-impact, cardio, simple, and refreshing exercise, it stretches just about every part of your body, thus increasing its height. As a bonus, this is also one of the best cardio exercises to reduce weight. Just by doing it five hours a week is more than enough to see the results. If you don’t how to swim, you can always subscribe to a class under the tutelage of an expert. Swimming engages the torso and the muscles from your upper body and your hips. You will experience some sore feelings from all the straining and muscle stress, but it’ll be gone soon.

If you are afraid of the water, or just don’t like getting into a speedo, you can do something called “Dry Swimming”, just lie on your stomach, arms and legs straight out, then raise your left hand and leg diagonally and hold for 15 minutes, repeat for the right side, do at least 5 repetitions.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping exercises are the best way if you want to effectively increase height, while you are jumping you are engaging your spine and calf muscles, stretching them. These exercises also increase the blood supply to our bones, thus increasing bone density and it’s a great growth hormones stimulant.

Along with jumping jacks, other great exercises are jumping ropes, squat jumps, spot jumps, and vertical jumps.

Hanging Exercises

Very simple and very fun to do, these exercises work miracles at increasing height very quickly. They can be done practically anywhere, and are an excellent way to challenge your body. They may be hard to do at first, but eventually, you’ll get the “hang” of it (get it?).

While you are hanging vertically from a bar you are causing your spine to extend while also elongating the cartilage in your vertebral column, thus, increasing your height. Pick up a monkey bar or any pull-up bar and hang from it, try keeping your upper body relaxed, while your arms are fully straight. Hang for at least 30 seconds, and repeat for at least fifteen minutes.

The Cobra Stretch

This one is among the best and most effective exercises to increase height. It’s simple, easy to do, and doesn’t put your body through a lot of stress. The purpose here is to stretch out the spine while elongating the body, toning your muscles of the back and abdomen, as well as stretching and strengthens the cartilage in the spinal cord. As a bonus, this is an excellent remedy for neck pain.