Long Term Side Effects Of Atkins Diet For Weight Loss

Atkins diet is developed by Dr. Robert Atkins in 1992 based on his hypothetic concept of high protein and fat food with low carbohydrate intake diet. As per Dr. Atkins proposed that human body needs more energy to burn the fats and the proteins than usual hence consuming high protein and fat food ensures calorie burn. Secondly he also proposed the process of ketosis or peeing out calories when a person stops eating carbohydrates. Combining both processes a person will loss more calories than usual low curb diet was the concept of Atkins diet. This was thought to be a good deal as people on diet will not mind to give up carbohydrates for sausages and bacons.

Results of Atkins diet

Initially studies suggested that people who are following this diet have shown astonishing results. They have lost more calories than people on low calorie diet. Also there were improvements in the level of blood cholesterol and triglycerides compared to the second set of dieter. But people quickly discovered that as soon as they stopped their diet they started gaining weight very fast. In some cases they gained twice the amount they have lost in the diet. So what really worked in the diet? As per many scientists and nutritionist protein is an appetite suppressant. So those who follow Atkins Diet feel full easily after a meal is a sign that they are eating fewer calories than usual. Also as per scientists eating fatty food actually stimulates appetite.

How much effective is this Atkins diet?

Nutritionists and medical professionals are not very convinced that Atkins diet has a good long term effect on human body. Rather they are concerned that in long run this type of diet can cause massive damage to the kidneys due to the huge consumption of protein and high cholesterol levels due to consuming fatty food like creams, cakes cheese.

Till date medical professionals and scientists are baffled, whether the hypothetic diet concept of Dr. Atkins has any good effect in long run or not. Some studies have shown that people have got great results following this diet. Whereas other studies have revealed that following this diet has not much fruitful effect like the low curb diets.  But one thing is clear about Atkins diet, which is a dieter will love this one. The reason is this diet gives the freedom of consuming as much protein and fat food as you like. People on diet can easily give up on carbohydrates for meat and fatty foods. You can also lose a few pounds by doing this. But still the question remains the same. Is the Atkins diet is safe? Is it doing well to your body? Or it is just ruining the balance and the weight loss is just the sign of it?

Does Atkins diet Work In Long Term?

In many studies nutritionists have found in case of Atkins diet, that those who had finished their diet have gained almost twice the amount of calorie they have lost afterwards. So it is for sure that Atkins diet is not the best answer for weight loss program. Now if you’re still interested to follow Atkins diet, then dietarians suggest carrying on this diet for life long.