Poor Diet Causes Your Skin To Age Faster – Study Reveals

The first impression that gets presented during an introduction is mostly the skin and the personality you carry. Through observations, it was discovered that much attention is paid to the skin as soon as one hits the puberty stage. Most persons suffer from skin related issues like scars and acne, though it is possible for it to be treated when getting to the twenties.  Various skin products come into play as they are being used to make your desired skin and some could be herbal, spa products and other skin products.  Though you will agree with me that what is good doesn’t come easy at one’s disposal, same goes with caring for the skin.

The cost of getting these skin products is most expensive and the funny thing is that some people are willing to save up to buy these expensive skin care products.  This caused the option of settling for various home remedies as many persons look for natural treatment method or homemade procedures. Some people experience wrinkles or fine lines even before reaching the age of 30, this may due to their lack of knowledge of how to care for the skin.  This brings me to the purpose of this article as a long time observation was noticed that poor dieting has a large role to play in a person’s skin.

A person’s diet affects the skin mostly while growing older as the skin happens to be the reflection of the health of the body.  Just as it is very important to take a maximum amount of liquid or water daily, so also the choice of food is of paramount importance.  This also brings me to this question of what are the foods to avoid to achieve a younger skin?  Having a good diet not only helps in preventing an aging skin but also make one immune to diseases. The following are some of the foods that can cause harm to your skin.

  • Sugar and surgery foods

You will agree with me that sugar is so sweet that leaving it is like not having fun and the real fact is that it is hard to stop taking surgery food. Sugar comes inflammations that are bad for the health and body, However, sugar is also linked to inflammations throughout the body and bad health. Uncontrollable intake of sugar not only affects the aging skin but it causes a great harm to one’s pancreas and can even lead to diabetics. the process of sugar harming the skin works as it damages the kidney and symptoms start showing on the face such as wrinkles, lines sagging skin and other related aging effects.

  • Taking Processed meat

This is another habit which seems hard to stop as it is so sweet and it becomes a habit. Meats like Bacon, pepperoni are examples of what to reduce to stop the aging skin effect. The idea behind this is that meat contains saturated fats and this can trigger inflammation. It is recommended to take fresh meat like turkey, cow or chicken.

  • Fried Foods

Taking fried foods is also bad for the skin, foods such as fried yam, chips or deep-fried foods are such examples. This food causes redness of the skin inflammation which in turns makes one appear older than his/her age. Try as much as possible to avoid fried and deep-fried foods.

  • Salty foods

Though you don’t always cook with salt, it is not a guarantee that your salt intake is low. Salty foods come more in canned foods and can retain a high amount of salt due to the sodium in them. Try to stay away from salty substances.

Other foods that can cause aging to the skin are;

  • Spiced food
  • Energy drinks
  • Red meat
  • Milk
  • Coffee.