Before I opted for a whole30 diet, I really felt creepy about myself. It’s like my mind; my soul was in disorder with my body. My odd and poor eating habits have taken a great toll on my body throwing a massive disorder in my life. i felt the need of doing something  other than buying food supplements and new clothes to make myself feel better.

How I started and planned my whole30 diet?

Initially when I announced to prepare a 30 day food plan for myself, my husband flinched to join me but seeing the improvements, he joined later in my journey. I took the help of the successful guidelines of WHOLE30 which really did work for both of us. Before I had started my diet I chalked out my eating plan with no nonsense approach. Here are some of the many points in the plane I had designed for myself.

  • I depended on fresh food like fruits, veggies and fresh meat, fish.
  • Secondly I had to focus on the food habit. It was not a regular diet chart so excluding cereals, pasta and bread won’t lack in carbohydrates as I am getting it from fruits and vegetables.
  • For the next 30 days it is most important to focus on the meal I’m eating not on the weight I’m losing or calories I’m burning.
  • I really do not need any so-called organic or pastured food in my diet.
  • The most important thing was “Eat Good” to feel good and stay healthy.

Initial results

Soon after I changed my food habit in this new plan I started to feel good. I’m energetic and lively again. I feel good in my old clothes which fit me now. I have proper rest unlike earlier when I had to crawl to bed still only tossed and turned all night long. My complexion is clear and no allergies till date. Even no night sweats, no monthly cramps, even my stomach is better now. People say that my eyes have started to sparkle with life. Complements like this will really make you pleased. In shorted I started to feel good about my own after a long time. Initially I faced some bad headaches but soon that vanished in thin air.

I must admit that I found the tagline of the success guideline very impressive and effective. It says that planning your diet ahead of following it is what keeps you on track. As I started this diet, my schedule changed too. My mind started to knock on the time and dish I’m going to eat. As an important point I had shopped everything and it was a matter of time that I needed to prepare my meal.


As I started to analyze the differences between the earlier version of me and the new me, I realized that I depended on foods like sandwich for simplicity and time management whereas the salad is what actually helped me in both with adding health benefits. Adding a half an hour exercise schedule in my routine was necessary. I found my stomach became good again as I distanced myself from processed meat and sausages and bacons.