Indulge in 8 Iconic American Flavors ─ A Culinary Journey Through Bangalore

Experience the diverse and mouthwatering world of American cuisine right here in Bangalore, all thanks to online food delivery. From the bustling streets to your doorstep, American flavors are now easily accessible, offering a tantalizing escape into the heart of the United States.

Indulge in iconic New York City street foods, savor southern BBQ, and enjoy cheesy pizzas, all from the comfort of your home. Online food delivery platforms have bridged continents, bringing the essence of American food culture closer than ever before.

In this guide, we’ll navigate through Bangalore’s top eateries, offering a variety of american food in bangalore. Whether you’re craving burgers, fries, pizza, or chicken wings, this journey promises a true taste of the USA, effortlessly delivered to your doorstep. Join us as we embark on a virtual road trip, exploring the rich flavors of America’s regions.

Top 8 Iconic Places for American Food in Bangalore


1. Indiana Burgers

Get set to tantalize your taste buds at Indiana Burgers! This place is a flavor haven for American food in Bangalore where you can indulge in juicy burgers, crispy fries, and delightful paneer treats.

The best part?

They work their online food delivery magic, bringing the feast straight to your doorstep. Imagine stepping into a spot where the ambiance is as comforting as home, and the staff’s creativity adds that extra flair to every dish. Indiana Burgers strikes that perfect balance between cozy and imaginative.

So, if you’re up for a burger escapade with the added perk of online food convenience, Indiana Burgers is your next stop. Let your taste buds revel in the joy!

2. Truffles


Welcome here, where culinary wonders unfold! Brace yourself for mouthwatering, perfectly grilled juicy burgers, creamy pasta indulgence, and the juiciest chicken steaks in town. But that’s not all – treat yourself to heavenly fudge sundaes, irresistible blueberry pie, or a venture into Rocky Road bliss.

Want a sip of perfection?

Savor good ol’ Irish coffee or a glass of wine, all in Truffles’ cozy embrace.

Can’t decide?

Their frappes, mochaccino, and hot chocolate have your back. The magic doesn’t end there – Truffles’ online food delivery brings this delight to your doorstep. Wallet-friendly prices sweeten the deal, and the ambiance and decor create a warm haven. Ready for flavorsome American food in Bangalore with online food joy? Let’s roll!

3. Fresh Pressery Cafe


Step in here for a culinary journey that comes with a view of Gallery Time And Space. Indulge in perfectly prepared beet salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, and delectable salmon dishes.

But the treats don’t end there – their cheesecakes, puddings, and chocolate cakes are divine according to reviewers. Quench your thirst with fresh juices, cold coffee, or tea. Whether you opt for indoor coziness or outdoor charm, their friendly staff and cool service promise a delightful experience.

Plus, budget-friendly prices sweeten the deal. You can savor every bite at your own pace. Taste the joy!

4. Casa Fresco


Step into Casa Fresco, delightful American food in Bangalore cafe nestled beside the Surayanarayana Temple. Indulge in tasty cheese toasts, momos, and chow mein, followed by a treat of pancakes, brownies, and French toasts. Don’t miss out on their signature bitter and a range of beverages like ginger tea, cold coffee, and hot chocolate.

The excitement doesn’t end at the cafe. With their online food delivery, Casa Fresco’s flavors come to you. The vibrant decor sets the scene for a relaxing experience. Google users love it, awarding it 4.2 stars, praising its service, staff knowledge, and affordability.

5. Onesta


Indulge in Italian delights at Onesta! Treat yourself to BBQ chicken pizza, grilled chicken, and prawns that transport you to Italy. Don’t miss their unique chocolate pie, delightful fruitcake, and chocolate pizza.

Quench your thirst with margaritas, wine, or cordial, or opt for refreshing lemon juice, iced cappuccino, or iced green tea.

This cozy spot with a charming interior is perfect for family getaways. The attentive staff and enjoyable service add to the experience, reflected in Onesta’s 4.1-star Google rating for good reason. And here’s the twist – you can savor Onesta’s goodness from home by ordering online through Swiggy.

6. Biggies Burger


Welcome to Biggies Burger, where burger magic happens! Bite into succulent, expertly crafted juicy burgers, along with delicious grilled chicken and lamb delights. Quench your thirst with their refreshing juice, lemonade, or coffee. But here’s the twist – you don’t have to leave home to enjoy this type of American food in Bangalore.

Their food delivery brings the feast to your doorstep, making it a win-win. Google users give it a thumbs-up with a solid 4.2 rating. Ready to indulge in burger bliss with the convenience of online food delivery? Dig in and savor the flavors!

7. The Hole In The Wall Cafe


Welcome here, a British haven for taste explorers! Indulge in egg burgers, grilled bacon, and flavorful frittata that bring a twist to your palate. Share delightful chocolate waffles, blueberry pancakes, and French toast with friends.

Sip on their fine wines, cordials, or brandy, or opt for cold coffee, fresh juices, or strawberry lemonade. Here’s the twist – you can enjoy the same flavors from home with their convenient takeout option.

The friendly staff and prompt service enhance the experience, while reasonable prices make it even more appealing. The cafe’s ambiance and decor are a delight, earning it a solid 4.4 Google rating. Let’s dig in and savor the charm!

8. Eddy’s Cafe


Step into Eddy’s Cafe, a haven of American food in Bangalore flavors! Indulge in grilled chicken, aglio e olio, and mushrooms that promise an unforgettable experience. Treat yourself to pancakes, waffles, and French toast, topped off with mango smoothies or chocolate frappes. Affordable prices make it even better. The cozy ambiance and decor set the perfect mood.

Boasting a Google rating of 4.2, it’s a diner favorite. But here’s the catch – you don’t need to leave home to enjoy Eddy’s goodness. Their online food delivery brings it all to you. Ready for an American-inspired feast? Let’s dig in and relish every bite!


The presence of American cuisine in Bangalore has been greatly enhanced by the convenience and accessibility offered by Swiggy. The fusion of traditional American flavors with the diverse scene of Bangalore food has provided a unique and delightful culinary experience for residents and visitors alike.

Whether craving classic burgers, mouthwatering BBQs, or indulgent desserts, Swiggy has played a crucial role in bringing the best of American food right to the doorstep of Bangaloreans. So, thanks to Swiggy, savoring a delicious American meal has become a seamless and enjoyable part of life in this vibrant city.