7 Places to get delicious Cheesecake in Bangalore

Searching for best cheesecakes? You should definitely try it in Bangalore. It is the hub of sugary delights. You will get a wide number of cafes and restaurants where you can get the best cheesecake. If you ever visit Bangalore do try out the places which are famous for the best quality cheesecake.
People travel long distances for these cheesecakes. Here are 7 places where you can get flavored cheesecake. Do try all of them you will definitely visit the place at frequent interval.

Matteo Coffea
Matteo Coffea is very famous for its cheesecakes. The cafe was established in 1982 and since then it is serving the people with delicious and mouth-watering cheesecake. You will get there different flavors of cheesecake, but the best sellers are blueberry and strawberry flavor. It is located at the church street in Ashok Nagar. The name Matteo was kept in the name of the owner Mr. Mathew who is a very humble and polite person.

Glen’s Bakehouse
Glen Bakehouse is mainly known for its breakfast menus, but the cheesecakes of this cafe are awesomely delicious. You will get here two varieties of cheesecakes blueberry and caramel cheesecake. Mango cheesecakes are also made during the summer season. Mango cheesecakes are loved by all. Glen’s Bakehouse is located in Indra Nagar, Lavelle Road.

Spoonful of Sugar
Spoonful of Sugar is situated at Indira Nagar and it is one of the best cafes that sell cheesecakes. They have various varieties of cheesecakes like the New York Plain cheesecake, cold creamy blueberry cheesecake and Nutella based cheesecakes. The owner of this cafe is a duo of daughter and mother. They also have a branch at Koramangala.

Truffles Ice & Spice
In Bangalore Truffles Ice & Spice have multiple branches. The menu has items for all people with different tastes. It has a huge variety of cheesecakes and other desserts and with these sweets it has become famous in Bangalore.

Berry’d Alive
Berry’d Alive is situated at Indira Nagar. It is a favorite stop for sweet lovers. The branches are at Koramangala, Indira Nagar and Church Street. You will get various cheesecakes like blackberry Choco-chip cheesecake, cranberry and plum sauce and salted caramel.

Chianti has multiple branches in Indira Nagar, St. Marks Road, Whitfield and Bannerghatta. They are very popular for the creamy mango cheesecake, which is also known as Torta Fprmaggio Di Mango.

Smoke House Deli
You will get here mouth-watering cheese cakes which are soft and taste delicious. The flavors available here are Oreo and raspberry which give a new dimension to the cheesecake. You will get an idea about the fun you will have after visiting the website.

You can try these cafes for lips smacking cheesecakes. They won’t disappoint you. You will visit the cafes frequently if you have the cheesecakes ones.