Proven Health Benefits of Lime Juice

A lot of people are aware that having lime juice or drinking warm water with a piece of lemon has a lot of beneficial properties. However, not many people can name these benefits. This is why we have created this article. Here, we will discuss all the benefits that drinking lime juice can offer you. This way you will be able to use the lime juice effectively for improving your health and the health of the people that surrounds you.

Lime Juice Help Detoxifying the Liver

By possessing citric acids, lime juice helps the enzymes to work better. It also stimulates the liver and helps detoxifying it.

Lime Juice Balances Your PH Levels

Lime juice can help us reduce the harmful acidity in our bodies. Despite having citric acid, the nutrients as well as the minerals contained in the lime are alkaline in nature. Citric acid can be easily removed from our bodies because it is not a strong acid. This can be done by eliminating process like transpiration. Lime, additionally, stimulates the formation of calcium carbonate that helps the body get rid of other acids. This is very helpful for diets that are rich in proteins like meat and cheese. It can also balance the PH in the blood as well as fight urinary tract infections.

Lime Juice Improves your Immune System

All citrus foods are rich sources of vitamin C. This vitamin enhances the immune system and this helps our body to fight colds, flus, and common infections. It also has potassium that helps regulates blood pressure and stimulates the brain functions.

Lime Juice Clears and Freshens Your Skin

Many experts say that the key for having youthful skin is vitamin C. This is due to the fact that vitamin C promotes the production of collagen. The antioxidants in it help revive dull skin and maintain it healthy. In addition, lime juice can be applied on blemishes in order to lighten them. This means that vitamin C has many other benefits than enhancing your immune system since it also improves your skin health.

Lime Juice Battles Bad Breath

We have harmful bacteria as well as good bacteria in our mouth. The harmful bacteria are the ones that give us smelly breath, cavities and gingivitis while the good bacteria are in charge of protecting our mouth from back bacterial. Lime juice effectively gets rid of harmful bacteria in our mouth improving our dental health.

Lime Juice Adds in Weight Loss

Having Lime Juice in the morning helps reduce food craving and people who have high intake rate in alkaline foods normally lose weight more quickly than others.

Finally, it is important to add that lime has a corrosive nature. This means that it is not a great idea to overdo it. One glass of lime juice a day is more than enough for experiencing all the benefits it offers, maybe two glasses a day but more than that can end up leading to other kinds of health issues in the future.