Betel Leaf Can Cure Constipation, Reduce Gastric Pain and Boost Digestion

Betel is a heart-shaped leaf that has an impressive number of health beneficial properties. It is known as “Tamalapaku” in Telugu and “Paan Ka Patta” in Hindu. The medical benefits of Betel Leaf are much underrated despite being a highly efficient medicinal plant. This article is made in order for you to be well-informed regarding the benefits that Betel Leaf can offer.

Betel Leaf – Analgesic

Betel leaf has an amazing analgesic effect that helps relieve pain efficiently. This plant can be used for relieving pain caused by cuts, rashes, bruises, indigestion, internal and external inflammation, constipation and many others. For external pain, just apply a paste of betel leaf on the affected area, and for internal pain, you can drink juice or chew some betel leaf.

Betel Leaf Eases Constipation

Betel leaf contains a great amount of anti-oxidants that help the body to get rid of radicals. This helps the stomach to control the HP level when it is upset. It means that constipation is eased as a result. A good way of achieving this is putting betel leaf in water and storing it overnight and drinking the water on an empty stomach the following day or you can just chew some betel leaf which also works. Dip the stalk of betel into castor oil to create a suppository. This is a great method when children are suffering from constipation.

Betel Leaf Boosts Digestion

Betal leaf is excellent for digestion because it has properties that are carminative, gastro-protective, and anti-flatulent. You can enjoy all these benefits just by chewing a betel leaf after each meal. Another great way of experiencing its benefits is creating oil out of betel leaf and massaging in on the stomach to help the secretion of gastric juices and digestive acids. For children that suffer from indigestion, boil some betel leaf with pepper mint in water, strain it and give the child two cups of this substance daily for an effective recovery.

Betal Leaf Reduce Gastric Pain

Betal leaf keeps the duodenum clear of dangerous free radicals as well as toxins. This makes it very efficient in improving GERD. It additionally reduces acidity caused by the imbalanced levels of PH in the stomach. Easing of bloating is ensured by optimal PH. The sphincter contracts and expands allowing fowl gas to pass through which ensures the ease of the gastric reflux. The result is the relief of gastric pain with constant use of betel leaf.

Betel Leave Promotes Oral Health

Betel leaves protect against bacteria, germs, and other oral pathogens in the mouth plus providing you with fresh breath. You can clean your mouth by chewing betel leaves constantly. It can also prevent tooth decay as well as reinforce the teeth and strengthen the gums. You can make gargles in the morning, and at night at a daily basis. Use a drop of betel oil in a cup of water for gargling.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the great benefits that Betel Leaf can offer you if you consume it at a daily basis.