Motorized Christmas Tree

Almost everyone hangs a Christmas tree when it’s Feliz Navidad season. It’ll always be a pleasant sight, no doubt. However, no one will be surprised when you reveal your Christmas tree unless it has some innovative design or feature. If that sounds like something you’ll want to have, then, go for a motorized Christmas tree.

Basically, it’s a Christmas tree with a particular automated function. For instance, the height or fluffiness can extend and retract, the base rotates, or the lights change. In other words, motorized Christmas trees are of different types, which we discuss below.

Types of Motorized Christmas Trees and How They Work


You can introduce a motorized mechanism to a Christmas tree in different ways. However, here are the most popular examples.

Grow and Stow Christmas trees

Grow and Stow motorized Christmas trees adjust their heights and fluffiness. It’s like a small Christmas tree, but when you activate the motorized mechanism, it extends into a large structure. You can construct such a Christmas tree using a linear actuator. Check the video here to see how it works.

Usually, you’ll control the tree using a remote button. However, it’s still possible to set up using a simple switch. The main advantage of Grow and Stow Christmas trees is that they save space. Rather than having a large structure in your room all the time, you keep things minimal. The tree only appears at its full height when necessary.

Rotating Christmas trees

A rotating Christmas tree is a lot more common nowadays. Here, the tree turns on its stands, meaning everyone can view every angle of the tree at one point or another. As a result, the focus is more on the base or stand than on the tree itself.

You can use various mechanisms to rotate the base, but the best option is either a mirror hall motor, gear, or rotator motor. However, having a rotating tree doesn’t bring much aesthetics. For this reason, most rotating Christmas trees are heavy on other accessories like lights and ornaments. Some even feature a music system to play songs and Christmas melodies.

Wind-up Christmas Trees

This type of motorized Christmas tree is more or less similar to Grow and Stow structures. However, what differentiates both is that wind-up trees only adjust the height. Also, they don’t use batteries or electricity.

Instead, wind-up Christmas trees use a spring mechanism, which you’ll wound up with a key or handle. So, in a way, this is an old-fashioned motorized Christmas tree type. You can consider it if you want to pass off a vintage or nostalgic image.

Grow and Stow: Best Motorized Christmas Tree Type


If you’ll set up a motorized Christmas during the end-of-year season, we recommend a Grow and Stow type. It’s the best, based on several performance factors. To start with, they’re the most innovative. Of course, seeing a Christmas tree Grow and Stow is more interesting than if it simply rotates on a stand.

Also, as stated earlier, Grow and Stow Christmas trees are best for saving space. When the tree retracts, you can conveniently store it without forfeiting much room. Storage is critical when talking about Christmas trees because they’re seasonal.

You sure don’t want to spend money on new structures at the end of the year. So, you need a quality option you can store without hassle and still use it the next season. Grow and Stow Christmas trees match the description perfectly.

Setting up a Grow and Stow Christmas tree

Linear actuators create straight-line motion thanks to an electric motor, gearbox, lead screw, and nut. They can automate various home tasks and are perfect for controlling the movements of a motorized Christmas tree. You can install one in a grow and stow Christmas tree by following the steps below.

Pick the right device

Linear actuators are of different types in terms of function and capacity. Hence, you must pick the right one for your Christmas tree. For that, the factors you need to pay attention to include size, weight, stroke, speed, and force power of the actuator. Our online actuator calculator will make things easier. It’ll identify the right motion device for your motorized Christmas tree based on the specifications and dimensions you provide.

Mount the linear actuator


For a grow and stow motorized Christmas tree, you’ll place the linear actuator at the base. You’ll fasten the motion device using screws and bolts, meaning you have to drill some holes. We advise aligning the linear actuator with the center of the tree. That way, it can extend and retract smoothly.

Connect the actuator to the power source

Here, you have to connect the device to its battery or adapter if direct. Then, you also wire the actuator switch or receiver if it’s using a remote control. Notably, some linear actuators come with feedback receivers. Such types are easier to control as they adjust their position using sensors

Test the actuator

After connecting the motion device to the grow and stow Christmas tree, you’ll want to check if it works correctly. So, activate the actuator’s switch or remote and see if it adjusts the tree’s height. It should extend as the tree grows and retract as it stows. Monitor the motion and see if there’s a need to adjust the speed or stroke limit of the actuator.

Add other accessories

Your motorized grow and stow Christmas tree is ready now, but you may want to add more aesthetics with accessories. These include lights and ornaments, among others. Install them carefully and confirm that the tree’s motorized effect doesn’t affect their performance.


Use a motorized Christmas tree to make your celebrations unique. Although you can go with different types, we recommend grow and stow options. You can wow anyone visiting for the holidays as the tree extends and retracts, thanks to the linear actuator creating smooth motion.