What is CBD Vape Juice?

A product that is often overlooked is CBD Vape juice; many are left wondering if you can only vape it or can it be taken sublingually. The answer is yes, but also no. Yes, you can take it sublingually, but no, it’s not recommended. CBD Vape juice has a high concentrated flavor that is unpleasant when taken sublingually. This is because CBD Vape Juice is ideal for vaping; so, we felt it necessary to go more into detail about what CBD Vape Juice is.

What Is CBD Vape Juice?

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CBD Vape Juice is usually made from CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD. This means it’s either a CBD concentrate, where the CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant and then isolated from the other Hemp properties; or the CBD is extracted, and all the additional Hemp properties are left in. Each process still produces less than 0.03% of THC, which makes it legal to be sold and consumed. Also, the amount of THC in CBD is not enough to get you high.

In addition to CBD, other ingredients like Propylene glycol, and Vegetable glycerin are added to make the product vapable. Also, some Terpenes can be added to enhance the flavor or experience. However, some companies chose to add artificial flavors to their products. This is done in order to cut costs so it’s always a good idea to look at the ingredients before purchasing.

How to Vape CBD

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In order to start using CBD Vape Juice, you will need a vape device. This can be a sub-ohm tank, a pod system, or a pen-style device depending on the product. You will need to fill your tank or empty cartridge with your favorite flavor. Whatever device that you choose to vape your CBD we recommend keeping your wattage low. This is to avoid burning the CBD when vaping it.

When using a sub-ohm tank, we recommend finding a coil head that has a high ohm such as 0.5 or higher. Also, we recommend using a Pod system to vape CBD. This is because pod systems have coils in them that are built with higher ohms. The higher the ohms the less wattage you’ll need to power that coil. Pod systems come with pre-set wattage, so you don’t need to adjust the wattage.

What to Look For

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When you’re shopping for CBD Vape Juice there are a couple of things you will want to look out for. The color of the product is really important – it should be clear – or a little hazy. Darker colored CBD Vape Juice is not good because it can be an indicator that it’s gone bad, or that artificial ingredients are being used. You will want to avoid vaping harmful chemicals because it can cause serious health issues. A red flag is if there is no list of ingredients on the bottle, box, or website.

You will want to pick flavors that you are familiar with or something that you will enjoy. Companies like Savage CBD started off as a Vape Company and began manufacturing CBD products. They have a long list of CBD flavors and products that make it ideal for vaping CBD. A pro-tip is looking at online reviews and seeing what others are saying about that product. Not all CBD is made the same and a company might be good at a certain product but not so good at another.

Getting the Right Amount

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Whenever you vape you are absorbing that product right into your system. This means that your body’s absorption rate is a lot faster compared to eating/drinking that product or applying it topically. Therefore, when you vape CBD you will want to take a couple of puffs and wait a couple of minutes. This is to make sure you are satisfied with that amount of CBD or if you will be needing more. Also, because you are vaping CBD at a lower temperature you will not be exhaling big vapor clouds.

The strength of the CBD is also important in determining how much to vape. The higher the strength the less you will need to vape. However, higher strength CBD is usually more expensive than lower strength, but it lasts longer. The drawback in purchasing higher strength CBD Vape Juice is being stuck with a flavor that you did not enjoy, that is more expensive. Also, some higher strength CBD products tend to have an Earthy-Hemp flavor due to higher concentrations of CBD.

Bargain Shopping CBD

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Most CBD companies have weekly deals, or special promotions when you sign up for their newsletter. If you are a bargain shopper you can find some pretty sweet deals on CBD Vape Juice, and other CBD products. Also, following CBD companies on social media is good to stay up to date with the latest promotion. Some CBD companies even offer CBD Giveaways and other special contests via Facebook and Instagram.

Purchasing CBD in bulk or bundles can also help you save money. Both local shops and online stores have exclusive deals for first-time buyers. It’s good to look around for a discount code or if any offers are available on Yelp. CBD should be viewed as an investment, but prices marked low are not always a good thing. Always check the reviews first before purchasing CBD from a company or a product that you’ve never heard of.


Although CBD Vape Juice is often underrated compared to a CBD Tincture, or CBD Lotions, they are a great product to try. The absorption rate is a lot faster compared to most CBD products and comes in different strengths. The most important thing to remember about CBD Vape Juice is keeping your wattage low. You don’t want to burn the CBD by vaping it at a high temperature, 10 – 15 watts are the best temperature to vape CBD.

When bargain shopping for CBD make sure you look to see where the CBD is sourced from, the ingredients that they use, and the online reviews. Not all CBD is made the same, so you will want to make sure you’re getting the best CBD Vape Juice.