Key Tools and Techniques for Performance Management Every HR ought to know

Human resources or HR is not just a set of people that contribute to the company’s work management and ergonomics, but it is self-defining in terms of the value that a resource possesses, as an entity, being a human.

Today is the time of tools and technologies for every other sector that helps in running businesses. The IT sector has numerous development solutions, not only for itself but for the health, food, hospitality, and travel sector as well. Now there is a question that arrives when it comes to understanding the real worth of a resource. A resource, which is not just hardware or software, but a human being itself.

Can we think of software evaluating a person based on its code it is programmed with?


Here we are going to elaborate on such tools and technologies that are made to assist in human resources performance management especially. Those tools are envisaged to help the HR in evaluating a person based on one’s history, track records, and data-based knowledge which is made available by the one oneself.

HR, to enhance performance management, ought to know about the following tools and techniques described below:

1. HCM (Human Capital Management) Solutions


It is equally essential to keep the company filled with a reliable workforce, which could stand strong at hard times, work smartly at short times, and talk wisely at weaker times.

HCM solutions are those solutions that consider a human as capital and assist the HR personnel in such a way, that one can analyze better about the new employee and provide a trustworthy employee to the organization.

Human resource personnel is applied within the organization to manage payrolls, compliance, hiring, and recruitment, and often to deal within the organization for its overall performance.

We have multifold software or solutions that could assist with payroll and compliances. But to evaluate a new employee is a vital task that also is required to be done by the HR personnel.

A human capital management solution keeps the data relevant to the newcomer and helps in analyzing if one would fit better within the organization or not. An HCM solution providing company must embed the following functional abilities too within the solution to enhance the overall performance management:

  • Payrohttps://www.profit.coll management system
  • Employee acquisition
  • Workforce management
  • Attendance scheduling
  • HR management

Such a solution would undoubtedly enhance the performance management of an organization, which is expected from an HR usually.

2. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solutions


Enterprise resource planning solutions are those which reduce the cost by keeping the integrated information and save worthy time by distributing the data through multiple platforms and databases.

Such software development solutions are not just valuable for HR only, but it proves beneficial for the entire organization at one cost at once. Once you deploy an ERP solution within the organization, transparency would no longer be an issue. Every single person in the hierarchy would get access to the required information or data through the ERP solution.

Not only up to transparency but from improving the supply chain to comprehensive reporting, ERP solutions act like players and never let the organization hustle for such complex issues.

An ERP solution providing company would embed the following features within the solution to leverage the performance management:

  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management
  • Finance & accounting
  • Reporting
  • Tracking & Visibility
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supply chain management

These are some of the ERP attributes that must come embedded within an ERP solution.



CRM is a tool cum solution that could help enhance the overall performance management by bringing the organization’s potential customers closer and making it possible to communicate with them with just a click.

It comes in the form of software as well as a mobile application along with the customization support within both. A CRM solution providing agency must provide with the error/bug-less solution. As even the smallest bug could turn the table to the other side.

CRM consultation then plays a role post acquiring the CRM solution. An organization must possess skilled consultants who can well-scrutinize the product and could help the client reach its target efficiently and effectively.

Migration, as well as extension development services, are some other vital branches that a CRM solution providing company must serve for.



A human resource management system or information system is a well-known tool that helps HR personnel keep track of all the employee data systematically. A centralized database helps in maintaining the coordination between administrative processes and recruitment altogether.

Before opting for an HRMS software, some of the following aspects are to be made sure of:

  • Is the software capable of creating custom reports?
  • Its flexibility.
  • Must have adequate tech support.

Some of the most popular HRMS software is BambooHR, Namely, Workforce, Teamwork, Teamwise, etc.

5. Benefits Management Platforms


There is some employee benefits management software which is developed to manage employee relevant things like insurance, payrolls, other emoluments, etc. Some of the renowned benefit platforms are Workforce Now, Ease, JustWorks, etc.

Apart from just recruiting new employees, employee benefits management is a separate and a way bigger task to be performed by HR. It includes keeping track of each employee’s holidays, working hours he/she did spend on a chair, benefits he/she had enjoyed and left as remaining, and much more than just what we could write here.

Such software keeps all that stuff calculated and is just required to be manually programmed at the beginning of deployment within the organization.

Consequently, if we are expecting to run a bigger organization, or no matter what size it is, an HR supporting solution must be a part of us as a team. Yes, it asks for initial capital investment, but then it considers our resources i.e. workforce as capital and returns way more than we have invested.

As a successful organization, or any product engineering service provider, you must consider having any of these above tools and techniques that are mentioned, to leverage the overall performance management process of your organization, especially from HR’s end.