Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend under $25

Want to make your man feel special this valentine, but your bank is not allowing you to spend more!

This is the situation of most women who want to gift their boyfriend but do not know how they can make this Valentine Day special within a tight budget. For them here are gift ideas that will be under $25. Perfect ideas to make that person feel special without any pressure on your pocket.

Yummy Scented Candles

Most men prefers the ambience created by candles, however they do not like the typical flowery fragrance that women love. Choose something that will be natural yet give pleasure. A manly scented candle will always lift up their spirit. Something like this will cost around $15 to $20.

CAILLER Chocolate Signature Selection

Do not think that chocolate is something that is for girls only! Gift him this gourmet chocolate collection and nothing will go wrong this Valentine day. The 16 piece collection of Cailler chocolates will melt in his mouth, (some in yours too) and make the most of this special day. There are different varieties to soothe his taste bud like chocolates with crunchy wafers, dark and milk chocolate fillings, praline and others. It will cost around $24.90.

Alpine winter scarf

Winter scarf are perfect gift that will be there along with your boyfriend and make him feel cozy. These winter scarfs are available in different patterns and colors. It is made up of 100 per cent acrylic material and can be worn in several ways. It will cost around $9.99 and thus leaves space for buying some more items that will complete the set. You can add Men’s gloves and skull cap to make the gift perfect.

Super cool coffee mug

Spend few bucks for a coffee mug that will instigate the scientist in him! There are number of coffee mugs available in different designs and with various cool quotes that will be great gift for the man you like. It will not be heavy on your pocket too as it cost around $16 at any online shopping store.

Memory Foam slippers

Winters are harsh and memory foam slippers are the best way to make his feet feel cozy. Gift your boyfriend with memory foam slippers that are comfortable and relaxing. The sleepers are designed with flexible sole and inner fleece lining for providing support and comfort. Three layers of memory foam in the sole makes every step comfortable. It will cost about $22.90.

A cute notepad

Now most people have stopped using notepads for writing something as they are available in their smartphone. Still, gift a cute notepad to your boyfriend that will be inexpensive and yet remind of the old love. The features of the notepad must be cute and it will cost around $10.

Apart from the gifts mentioned above there are innumerous other items that can be gifted to Him this Valentine day and they will be well under $25.