Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For People who Hate Valentine’s Day

There are romantics and realistic in this world. The romantics celebrate their day on Valentine day by treating each other with fantastic gifts and spending quality time. What about the realistic?

There is no specific day that recognizes that ‘your realistic ideas and thoughts are great!’

Now, if there are people in your friend circle who hate valentine day and consider love and all those stuff as a waste, you cannot simply forget them on this special day! It is obvious that when this person who hates valentine day is someone special you will love to gift them something, not very romantic but may be realistic.

Here are valentine day gift idea for those people who hate this day.

T- Shirts with realistic quotes on them

You can always choose from wide range of T-shirts or sweat shirts. You will find that there are hundreds of design available within a particular price range. Try to choose those shirts that have realistic quotes on them matching the nature of the person to whom it will be gifted.

Like, if the person is introvert, choose a quote like “it’s better to be single, with less social obligations.”  For one who loves food, “I live just to taste food.” And anything else.

Showpieces that resembles something else other than heart

People who design the gifts knows that there are different kind of people out there and thus they have gifts for everybody. When the special person in your life despise Valentine day, gift them showpieces that may have a heart sign but will resemble something else. This will be a perfect combination showing that you love, but also care about the fact that they do not like romanticism. Some gifts can be

  • Gift them a coffee mug with a good quote like “love yourself, you are the best.”
  • Wine glasses with funny quotes on them like “Cupid is Stupid.”
  • Self-love bracelet that mentions about the only love in their life, themselves.
  • A globe with a pizza slice in it mentioning Pizza is the first love.
  • A Coffee mug mentioning about “love fades, Coffee is forever.”

There can be many other such gift items that will show that you care and value it that they do not like the idea of valentine.

Key rings and Necklaces

Necklaces and key rings are favorite gift for most person. If you are planning to gift it to your girlfriend, she will never say No to a necklace, but what if she despises Valentine day? No issues, gift her with one that mentions something odd like Nope, whatever or so.

Even there are key rings that can be interesting for those who hates Valentine day. Just look for something interesting, like “Fries forever.” Someone who loves fries will surely love it even if they hate the concept of valentine day.

Finally, let the person know that Valentine Day is not only about love, it is a day to show you care. The gifts chosen are just to express how you care and understand what they want.