Top JCPenney Mothers Day Deals On Furniture, Bedding, Home Decor, Appliances, clothing & shoes

Mother’s day is at JC Penney and to celebrate it a 40% off is giving in products by Lizz Clairbone apparel, sleepwear, shoes and accessories; including the Women’s plus line in some selected styles. Prices during this event are ranged from $8.99 to $47.99 for the apparel models in certain styles provided by the store. For the Women’s plus models, prices are from $14.99 to 28.99 dollars. Furthermore, jewelry provided by this manufacturer enjoys a 40% off during the time of this offer.

More products from this brand are provided by the store. Some of them are:

  • Capri Pajama Set is at $14.99 for selected styles and also in the line of Women’s plus.
  • Handbags and wallets are ranged among $21 to $51 for the celebration of mothers’ day.
  • Solid bath towels made of floret or superb micro cotton are available at $14.99.
  • Blouses can be bought by just $19.99
  • And sneakers are worth $24.99

In the kids department, apparel will enjoy a 50% off, so T-shirts for boys or girls are priced at $6.99 and Girls’ tanks are just $9.99. Little children will also have a 50% off in clothes and swimwear.

Also, shoes are provided by the store during this time after mother’s day. Women’s sandals made by Arizona, for instance, are given at a price of $19.99, while the models offered by Clarks enjoy a 40%.

Furthermore, the jewelry department is giving up to 70% off in all items included in the catalogue such as bracelets, pendants, and earrings. In addition, Bulova watches are getting a 30% discount after an extra 10% off with the usage of coupon and those for Fine & Fashion get a 25 to 55% off after an extra 10% discount with coupon.

Using the store credit card, an extra 20% will be added to buy a 4-piece Queen bedding sets and the price to pay is now $119.99. Quilts and bedspreads also enjoy a 50% off with an extra 20% discount by using the credit card with prices ranging from $49.99 to $149.99.

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