Organic and Safe Way To Naturally Color and Dye Your Hair At Home

            It is well known that using chemical products for dying your hair will only damage it. Additionally the color eventually disappears making you buy more of the product to have the color you want (which is not always the case) and continue damaging your hair. This is why more and more people are looking for natural homemade remedies to dye they hair and stop using harmful chemical products. For this reason, we have gather, in this article some easy Home Remedies for Natural Hair Color.


            If you are looking for a dark tone, covering white hair or stressing your hair one, coffee is a great solution. Mix some dark coffee like espresso, with a little hair conditioner and 2 tablespoons ground coffee. Just apply it on your hair and leave it for at least an hour. Rinsing it with apple cider vinegar will help the color last longer. You will start noticing results after a couple of applications.


            Black tea works great for dark color hair. It covers the white hair and stress the dark tone. For lighter hair color, like blonde hair, you can use chamomile or rooibos for red hair. It is important to understand that tea works best for natural hair color instead of dying your hair with other color. However, black tea has the property of darkening blonde hair color and chamomile can lighten dark hair color especially if it is rested under the sun. Apply concentrated tea and let it rest, the longer it rests the better the results. Mixing it with sage can help covering dray hair.


            Depending of your natural hair color there are some herbs that can be very helpful for stressing the color tone. For red hair color, calendula, marigold, rosehips and hibiscus work great. For dark hair color the best options are rosemary, nettle and sage. And, for blonde hair you can use calendula, saffron, sunflower petals or marigold besides the previously mentioned chamomile.

Carrot and Beet

            Carrot and beet work great for red hair color. Mix them or use them individually depending on the tone that you are looking for. Beet provides a deeper red color while carrot is better for a more orange-like tone.

There are very simple ways to help you maintain the health of your hair while avoiding using those harmful chemical products. These recipes also use affordable ingredients that can be found in your kitchen.