Easy and Instant Home Remedies for Natural Bleach

            Sometimes, we stand in front of the mirror and found ourselves wondering if there is a way to lighten our skin. This makes us rush and get the first chemical bleach on the counter which is not the best idea since chemical bleach can contain harmful substances. However, the good news is that there are many ways of lightening your skin using natural homemade remedies. In this article, we have gather the most popular and effective ways of lightening your skin using natural ingredients that are easily found at home and that will not only help to lighten your skin color but are also safe to use and will protect and nurish your skin.


            A natural bleaching agent is the potato. It helps removing the effect of tanning caused by the sun exposure for long periods of time. Put a pealed grated potato in a blender with some rose water to create a paste. You can add honey for dry skin and lemon juice for oily skin. Apply it on the exposed areas of your skin and remove it with plenty of water once the paste is dried. Potato is a mild bleaching agent which requires you to apply this method constantly until you have the skin color tone you desire.


            Tomato is considered to be one of the most important sources of vitamin C and acids. Vitamin C benefits your skin health. Smash a ripe tomato after taking out the seeds. Add a teaspoon curd mix it in a blender. Apply on the face and let it dry. Wash it with lukewarm water. It will help lightening the dark spots of your face skin that has scars or that have been darken due to exposure to sun rays.


            Peel and grate a ripe cucumber and squeeze out the juice. Add fresh natural Aloe Vera juice and then apply it on your skin. This paste works best on your neck, face and back. Wash it after is has dried. It soothes the skin besides lightening it.

Orange Peel

            The orange peel contains vitamin C which makes it a great bleaching agent. First, grab an orange and peal it. Let the peel dry under the sun and grind it to make some powder. You can add some rose water and honey to help moisturizing the skin. Apply it over the affected area and wash it when it is dried. Don’t use soap.

These are the most common and effective ways of Bleaching the skin using natural recipes that can be found at home.