New To Bengaluru? Things You Didn’t Know Existed In Bengaluru

Bangalore, the ‘Silicon Valley’ in India is more than just IT. Are you of an idea that boredom is sure to hit you when hanging hats in the so-called IT hub? If yes, then ditch your ideas right-away. The garden city is home and is certainly famous amongst adventure enthusiasts. You could indulge in a wide variety of thrilling activities or simply romp about the picturesque gardens all over the city. Whether its wellness that lures your interests or diverse gastronomical experiences, falling in love is not unusual if you are here in Bangalore. Let’s quickly jump into a list of insane fun things to do to burgeon up merriment by leaps and bounds.

Here’s what you could indulge into:

  1. Microlight Flying – Ever thought how incredible it could be to have a bird’s eye view on the entire city of Bangalore? Certainly, it kicks up the adrenalin and sounds fun already. Well, hop into the microlight flights and soar high in the sky, reaping up an absolute winning sight. An aerial view of the beautiful city – need more to be psyched about? Agreed, it’s just a 10-minute thrill. However, this quick little fun thing is sure to leave you hankering for more.
  2. Trek in the dark hours – Have you been sitting back, cooped up in a comfy bed, watching Netflix all day long. Well, my friend, you surely need to bid farewell to such boring weekends. How about exploring your interests for trekking? Haven’t been on one yet? Time to say the word for a fact! Plan a getaway to the hills of Kabbaladurga. A quaint place in the country-side, far-off from the bustling life in the city is definite to win your hearts. Trekking serves like a cherry on top. Not only are you accompanied by groups of super-energetic and well-seasoned adventure enthusiasts, but climbing up to the fort on the top of the hills will keep you hooked onto the breathtaking sight and feel for days.
  3. Scuba Diving – Not many places in our country exposes you to mesmerizing activities like scuba diving. The fancy adventure allows you to explore the sea beds and get smitten by the view under sea. If you’ve had scuba diving under the list of things to do for a very long time, Bangalore will ensure a firing start to your wishes. You could rack up the basics of scuba diving right here, within the city.
  4. Flavorsome delicious meals for all – Do you eat to cater to your hunger pangs or fill your heart with pleasure? Sticking to a humdrum food routine is outright boring. If gulping down various delicacies and soaking up diverse food experiences tops your chart of interests, Bangalore is the place to be in. From hosting celebrations highlighting pizza to offering luxe champagne sessions to be witnessed, umpteen counts of delicacies from all cuisines in the world – Bangalore has riches to offer when it comes to a fulfilling and enjoyable gastronomical treat.
  5. Tour around the wine yards – Little did you know that the cosmopolitan IT hub is also home to well-maintained wine yards. Drop by these impeccable locations and master the craftsmanship of making finest quality wine.