Karnataka Lokayukta Stabbed in Bengaluru Office – A Detailed Account Of What Happen

Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Vishwanath Shetty

By now, you are certainly versed about the news on the attempt to assassination of Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Vishwanath Shetty. He was manslaughtered by Tejas Sharma who stabbed him thrice on his chest. According to the reports doing rounds, Shetty has been declared out of danger. The victim is undergoing treatment at the Mallya Hospital. …

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Perfect Getaways Right In The Heart Of Bangalore For A Fun-Filled Family Outing

bengaluru outings

Bangalore is reckoned as one of the most fastest growing cosmopolitan city. It is quite obvious that you would bump into IT-ites every now and then. Whether you are driving by the Silicon Valley or hopping into fancy places for a good brunch, the diversity of crowds here will never fail to impress you. The …

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Crazy for Pizza? These Are The 5 Best Pizza Places In Bangalore

best pizza in bangalore

Do you have an unbelievably inexhaustible appetite for pizza? Biting into a delicious crust resplendent with the most flavorsome toppings ever – surely a reason good enough to step into a food coma. Thankfully, Bangalore rewards you with amazing options to quench your craving for good yummy pizza. Pizza is indeed a favorite choice for …

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