Study Finds Sweet Potato To Be Best Source For Vitamin D and Vitamin C

Sweet potatoes are not only widely sold, delicious and inexpensive, but they have many beneficial effects that will certainly make you appreciate it even more. These lines are written in order for you to be aware of all the benefits that sweet potatoes can provide you with. This way, you will be able to improve your health as well as preventing you from suffering from some diseases. Let’s get started.

Sweet Potatoes are Rich in vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has the property of reducing the amount of the chemical homocysteine in our bodies. Degenerative diseases like heart attacks are linked to the presence of high count of homocysteine.

Sweet Potatoes are a Source of Vitamin C

Sweet potatoes contain great amounts of vitamin C. Everybody knows that vitamin C is important for enhancing our immune system protecting us from common infections, and sickness. However, not many people know that vitamin C plays an important role in digestion, blood cell formation, and bone and tooth formation. It also improves the speed of wound healing and produces collagen. Collage helps maintain skin’s youthful elasticity. Vitamin C also helps cope with stress and it even aids our bodies to get rid of toxins that are related to cancer.

Sweet Potatoes Contain Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays and important role in reinforcing our bones and it has other benefits like improving our immune system and overall health among others. By getting adequate sunlight, out bodies generate vitamin D which is also considered to be a hormone. Not getting enough sunlight can result in season affective disorder or SAD that is the same as saying that you present a deficiency in vitamin D. This vitamin also helps in the build of strong bones, skin, teeth, heart and nerves.

Sweet Potatoes Are Rich in Magnesium

Magnesium is considered as the anti-stress mineral because it promotes relaxation. Magnesium is also needed for having healthy artery, bone, blood, nerve function and muscle. However, it is believed that most of the population in the US presents a deficiency in this important mineral.

Sweet Potatoes Contain Potassium

One of the important electrolytes is potassium. It helps to regulate the heart beats and nerve signals. All the electrolytes are important and potassium in particular has the important task of managing essential functions like relaxing muscle contractions, reducing swelling, and protecting as well as controlling the kidneys activity.

Sweet Potatoes Don’t Cause Spikes in Sugar Blood Levels

Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet which means that no chemicals were used for sweetening. In fact its natural sugar gets into the blood stream and gives a natural source of energy without having high spikes that only result in low energy and weight gain.

Additionally, sweet potatoes have many other benefits and the ones we just mentioned are only a few of them. Some other benefits that we can quickly mention are protection against the effects of aging, prevention of cancer, and finally their versatility. This refers to the fact that sweet potatoes can be used as ingredients in a great variety of dishes.