Bangalore: Karnataka elections – Neta Natter dictated by ‘Yeshtu’

The translation of Yeshtu in Kannada is “how much”? i.e., what is going to be the result of the election on Tuesday and how many seats will be occupied by each party. The major curiosity and controversy among Netas were of the amount they actually spent on the entire procedure of election rather than just speculating the results on Tuesday.

There is no doubt to say that the election in Karnataka this time were high-stake combat as some of the parties were noted to spend around 50 crores in the election. However, as per the election commission team of Karnataka, the amount to spend on the election was fixed as Rs 28 Lakhs. Now the major perplex is that the candidates that have to spend the major amount belong to the top-most parties of Karnataka.

One of the leaders of Congress party said that this election was alike to Hundi i.e., the offering box that comprises the investment of cash to the second and third-rung leaders. He further said that the parties this time are putting their entire efforts by spending a lot of money in a hope that the support of the voters will favour them.

Apart from this, this election is not only confined to the winning and losing party but will also give us a portrait of who turns out to be poor and by what number? The Congress leader also stated that cash investment has played a major role in this election following the caste system and even though the several restrictions implemented by the election commission, the candidates have systematically processed the election in their own way.

According to the divisions of the constituencies by the famous Netas, the people that spend 25 crores as an upward amount are classified as the A-Category constituency whereas the amount is confined to 10-20 crores for the people coming under B-Category constituency.

At the same time, the candidates spending no more than 8 crores in the entire election activity are said to be the part of the C-Category constituency. According to the recent reports, most of the candidates that categorized under A-category belongs to the Bangalore i.e., capital of Karnataka.

As per the recent surveys, there exist a few parties that commenced their expenditure before they receive the election tickets. Various MLA’s and ministers initiated the expenses before 8 months of election by formulating Badootas, often known as grand feasts. One of the JD leaders stated that “compute the amount of systematizing the non-vegetarian feast for a total of 5000 people, our party has invested for 7 such feasts in the run-up to polls.” He further said that “imagine the food bills we have paid for such Badootas”.