Bangalore: Congress Last Magic Act, 100 BBMP Trucks Vanish

The joint commissioner of BBMP has now passed an instruction as per which the amount paid for the garbage trucks in Bangalore would be prohibited unless the trucks are discovered. In the recent times, BBMP possesses a total of 594 garbage trucks out of which 74 are occupied for civil purposes whereas the remaining are run and controlled by the local contractors. The estimated payment made by the Palike to these 100 trucks contractors is around 1.7 lakhs every month. The compactor contract system was organized and formulated in the year 2013. At a moderate payment of 1.5 lakhs for 100 trucks in a month for around 60-70 months, it was observed that the expenditure of BBMP was extended to 90 crores. This scam was mainly noticed when the high court passed an order to the BBMP group to organize ward micro policies for solid waste management. The entire 198 ward committees were assigned the task of formulating award level plan to make certain the proper and appropriate operating of the solid waste management. Moreover, the rules were mainly implemented to ensure the sanitation facilities in diverse wards of Bangalore.

As per the formulation of the micro policy, the wards of Bengaluru were divided into blocks. The estimations stated that there exist around 750 households including a few of commercial units. The auto tippers were allotted the duty to collect the wet garbage from the entire 750 households and the commercial units. Usually, these auto tippers had the capacity to load up to 500 kg. Apart from this, in order to compute proper working of the contractors, the Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) was issued by the BBMP. The major reason for issuing the RFID was to ascertain and trace the location where the wet waste collected by the compactors and auto tippers were dumped.

According to the statement given by the commissioner of BBMP Sarfaraz Khan, there are about 100 of compactor drivers that did not participate in garbage dumping. These contractors were stated to be missing and the search is still continued. He also said “we are unaware of where the 100 contractors are? He also mentioned that BBMP was not at all informed if these contractors were even going to households and wards on a daily basis to collect garbage and dump the same.

The recent reports state that Sarfaraz Khan has assigned the duty of searching these 100 contractors to some of the major officials of their department. He has further asked the officers to make a list of the missing contractors along with their registration details. Furthermore, the payment of the remaining contractors is kept on hold until the BBMP successfully finds the missing workers.