Samsung Galaxy On Max Review – Here Are The Better Alternatives

How can we talk about smartphones without a Samsung being there? Of course, they don’t make phones based on price. Nor do Samsung loyalists really look at the price. Samsung is built on a brand image that has certain values attached to it. But still, when there is a Samsung in the midrange, we thought we should be reviewing that too.

Let us see what the phone has for the customer. Will it attract more people to the brand?


The phone has caught the attention of all. We hope more people will be trying a Samsung phone as this one is in the sub 20 K range. At least, people discussing midrange phones are talking about this too. We need to see what it is all about.

The Samsung Galaxy on Max is similar to the J7 Max with a few differences. The looks and feel are the same. The back is metal with top and bottom in plastic.

The phone sports a 5.7-inch display with a good viewing angle and brightness. This is, in fact, brighter than the J 7 Max. The color reproduction is good too.

The On Max has two app stores – the Galaxy Apps and Google Play. Some of the features require you to have a Galaxy account. This could have been avoided and clubbed with the Google account which many are used to.

The Galaxy on Max uses a new and powerful Helio P25 Lite processor which is almost as fast as the Snapdragon 625. Nothing great in that front at least for now. It has the Android 7.0 Nougat platform.

The 4 GB RAM along with the processor does give the phone some speed. But it is not super fast like you would want it to be. The phone will be fast enough when you are browsing your Facebook or editing photos. But if you are into gaming, the speed may leave much to be desired.

Coming with a 3300 mAh battery we will expect it to last longer. But the P 25 processor does drain the battery. If your usage is normal it will take you through the day. You will have to do your gaming later after it has rejuvenated itself. You can still see a few episodes of your favorite shows without draining the battery.

The camera is the highlight of this phone. The 13 MP rear camera with the f/1.7 aperture does an excellent job in daylight. But it is in the low light that you see the real strength of the camera. It captures some great images in the low light conditions.

The front camera with a 13 MP sensor combined with f/1.9 aperture allows for some good selfies. There is flash to help you in low lights. 


It is a good phone if your priority is photography as it does very well even in low lights. otherwise, there could be some more improvements, especially on the battery front. It still is a good phone in this price range, when you consider the brand and the sturdy build.