One-Month Pregnancy – Crucial Things You Might Ignore

So, you have reached the first month of your pregnancy and you are starting to notice your nose has gained super smelling powers and you find yourself blabbing it out to strangers.

You feel like your nipples are on fire, your sense of smell is so strong you can practically sniff bleach from miles away, your mood is so sensitive even the kindest of words get you sobbing.

Then, congratulations, you are truly going through the very first weeks of your pregnancy, quite possibly even your first month. Sometimes you don’t even need to do a pregnancy test, as the symptoms of the one-month pregnancy can be quite obvious.

It is very common for women going through their first weeks to start smelling things they haven’t smell before and get extremely bothered by it. Surely you have noticed that even a co-worker’s BO is now so obvious to you it becomes a massive issue for you. You may think is crazy or something that only happens on sitcoms, until you go through it yourself.

Also, during those early weeks, your boobs and especially your nipples become so incredibly sensitive that even the slightest touch can offset an array of hateful emotions towards the person who accidentally run into you.

For many women including those who are going through pregnancy for the first time have deemed sore nipples as their first sign. But fear not, this is a symptom that will eventually pass as the body gets used to the increase of hormones flooding through you.

Other women have reported an increase in extreme tiredness, even after having a full night’s sleep, many have found themselves in mid-afternoon practically falling sleep in their feet, desperately wanting to have a nice recovering nap. Again, this is completely normal during this early week of pregnancy and also due to the amounts of hormone releasing all of the sudden in your body.

Another thing many first-time pregnant women believe only happens in sitcoms is the mood swings, sadly, it isn’t, after all, there is always a little bit of truth behind every joke, and in this case, during those early weeks women do become somewhat of an emotional wreck, while the kindest words can make you sob and cry a misunderstood comment can set you off on a murderous rampage, so you may want to stay clear from conflictive situation during this month.