Lower Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment.

Lower Back Pain is considered a universal experience shared by all humans of Planet Earth because at some point or another we all have suffered. The lower back begins right underneath the ribcage and it is called the Lumbar Region.

The pain experience in this region is particularly intense and it is considered to be the main reason for missing out work, school, and any other commitment. However, the good news is that this is a type of pain that can easily go away on its own and when it does not, then there a wide array of treatments that can effectively get rid of it.

The symptoms of lower back pain will vary from a mild discomfort or dull pain to an excruciating stabbing sensation that can sometimes even incapacitate a person, making it extremely difficult to stand up or even move. Sadly there aren’t any first signs, the pain comes in suddenly at full strength taking us by surprise, it normally occurs after a sports-related injury, or lifting heavy weights. If the pain lasts over three months then it’s considered to be a “Chronic Pain”.

If after a bad fall or injury you begin to experience severe lower back pain then you should make haste to the nearest health care facility and have it checked out. Early warnings of acute back pain include loss of bowel and bladder control, numbness in the groin area, fever, and acute pain when coughing or urinating as well as leg weakness. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms alongside the severe back pain, make sure someone takes you to a doctor immediately.

Another thing to consider when experiencing lower back time is to inform your doctor of your cancer history, if you have it, of course, unintentional weight loss, you have been using steroids for a long time, have a history of a weak immune system, drug abuse, or the pain increases even when resting.

The common medical treatments prescribed by any physician include Muscle Relaxants, this kind of medication help to increase mobility by depressing the central nervous system, however, they are not recommended for people with chronic back pain.

Narcotic Pain Medication is yet another common course of treatment for lower back pain, you may know them as opioids or painkillers, they worked by altering our own perception of pain effectively weakening the signals being sent to the brain.