Three Months Pregnant What to Expect? and Crucial Things You Might Ignore

The third month of pregnancy falls into the 9-12 weeks stage. Which means you are at the end of your first trimester. A quite remarkable achievement nevertheless. Now, you still have a somewhat long way to go, and in order to make the ride smoother, this is the stage you start your prenatal check-ups.

When you reach your first trimester, there are a few giveaways or “symptoms” you begin to experience.

Morning Sickness, your nausea, and vomiting will see an increase during this stage, however, once you dive into the second trimester, this symptom disappears.

Fatigue, as your hormonal levels break havoc in your body, so will the tiredness and sleepiness. This happens because your body needs to produce extra blood so it can provide all those essential nutrients to the fetus, this affects your blood pressure and blood sugar levels both of which causes the fatigue.

Frequent Urination, this happens because your body starts to increase the production of a hormone called hCG, and for that reason, your needs for urination are higher than ever before during the first trimester. Your blood volume increases and puts pressure on your kidneys, in addition to that, as the uterus grows it pressures your bladder, and thus, it increases your urge to constantly pee.

Constipation, another hormone which gets and overdrive production during this trimester is progesterone which slows down your digestive system resulting in constipation, and also, if you have an improper diet, it can worsen the situation.

Leg Cramps, due to a deficiency in the supply of Iron and potassium you may experience some crippling leg cramps, especially during the night. There are, however, a few exercises you can do that could help you ease the frequency in which the cramps occur, however, little is to be done about how much pain the cause. Sorry.

Backache and Abdominal Pain, due to the hormonal changes your body is suffering it can cause you back pain, also, as the uterus grows it stretches your ligaments and your tendons, causing lower abdomen pain. If you want to ease the pain, there are some exercises that can help with that. But, you may want to consult your doctor beforehand.

Mood Swings, sadly, you are not getting rid of this one any time soon, as the hormonal changes in your body continue up to the last trimesters, so will the mood swings and sadly, there is nothing to be done about this one.