Use These Tricks For Cheap Ola Cab Rides via MobiKwik

Cab services aggregator Ola and e-wallet Company MobiKwik have partnered together that will enable Ola Cab bookings through the MobiKwik e-wallet. The introductory offer gives the user Rs. 50 Super Cash on the first five rides and 10% Super Cash for discounts up to Rs. 100 per ride.

This is definitely going to enhance the customers experience for in-app bookings which will be available across 110 cities for booking every kind of ride through Ola Cabs from cheaper rides such as Ola Auto, Mini, Micro ranging to more expensive options such as Ola Prime, Ola Prime Play, Ola Prime SUV as well as Ola Lux. Apart from this MobiKwik will offer cash back of 100% for bookings between 4PM-7PM and 8AM-10AM limiting to 1000 customers on a daily basis.

The Government of India is on the encouragement of digitization of financial services which has set a target of 30 billion transactions for the present financial year with e-wallet companies expected to add 6.3 billion transactions. However, the booking of Ola Cabs has been made possible only for Android users and the latest version of the MobiKwik App needs to be installed to have access to the latest in-app services.

MobiKwik is one of the largest e-wallet services in India which was founded in 2009 and around 260 million people had used the services by 2017. The alliance between the two companies will create a smooth experience for the customers while booking Ola Cabs without needing to use multiple apps while accessing the services.

Ola also has its own exclusive e-wallet service that allows payments for routine utilities such as paying for electricity bills, movie tickets, eCommerce, flights and food.

MobiKwik had statement cab bookings through e-wallet services would prove to be a major boost in terms of business while in the past few months customers had requested for a smart mobility on the app. MobiKwik is in no doubt that booking of Ola Cabs would be a great performing option who have promised to create simple and easier digital transactions and Ola has been seen as an important facilitator in this aspect.

Ola stated that such well planned alliances help in promoting a better customer experience by combination of services which is a boon in today’s day and age of a fast paced and digital life which and are certain that MobiKwik users will enjoy the in-app service of Ola Cab bookings.