It’s Time that Bengaluru Learn New Things from Delhi

Bengaluru’s traffic jam problems are known to us all. Because of the free roadside parking space, the long roads of Bengaluru get narrower. Plus, most car owners take advantage of the free parking space and traffic density automatically rides in those areas which ultimately lead to a heavy traffic jam. Additionally, the increasing IT industry in Bengaluru is increasing the city’s population as well. Both these causes finally lead to heavy traffic throughout the day! It’s high time that Bengaluru should learn some things from the Capital City of India, Delhi!

Roadside free parking could be banned:

As the capital city of Karnataka is already struggles to accommodate its exponentially increasing number of vehicles, Karnataka’s Urban Development Department or UDD is mulling a new parking policy. According to the sources, this new parking policy is pretty similar to the policy what’s being followed by the residents of the national capital, Delhi. For implementing the new policy, a meeting was already held on May 18. The meeting was between the Urban Development Department or UDD and the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike or BBMP. The Directorate of the Urban Land Transport or DULT also participated in the meeting along with the traffic police.

The main purpose of the meeting:

The main purpose of the meeting was to find out a solution so that the city’s traffic and parking issues can be sorted out. UDD has proposed that the city must use the ideas which have been drafted out from the rules of the ‘Delhi Maintenance and Management of Parking Rules, 2017’. Delhi, being the capital city of India, also used to face huge traffic problems before 2017. But the activated parking rules from 2017 have much helped to maintain the city’s traffic problems.

UDD is going to modifying the rules to best suit Bengaluru City’s unique circumstances regarding traffic jam. Additionally, the new parking policy is going to enforce some strict restrictions on the city’s street parking which includes the complete banning of free roadside parking space. Instead, the Karnataka Government is going to introduce charges for parking.

In the letter to the BBMP, Bengaluru Traffic Police, Mahendra Jain and the Additional Chief Secretary to Government of UDD have said that the new policy draft is giving priority to short-duration parking. Strict enforcement restrictions will be implemented on long-duration parking on the streets. Additionally, the new policy is going to prohibit parking on Bengaluru’s street at least up to 50 meters from the road. An Apex Committee has proposed to implement a strict traffic monitoring system to different allowed parking spaces including hospitals, cinema halls, malls, etc.

So, we can expect that after new policy implementation, long-duration parking will be restricted while transport vehicles should be parked in the designated areas only.  For all electric vehicles, limited charging facilities will be there. The Karnataka government is going to take strict actions against those who will do illegal parking. Finally, smart parking management system will be implemented in PPP mode!