Is Mothers Day Necessary?

Each and every year we all celebrate Mother’s Day on May’s second Sunday. While some of us give a treat to our mom by taking her out to a nice lunch or dinner, some of us gift her bouquet of flowers or even a nice greetings card. The main purpose behind all these is to make our mothers feel special on that day. But, Mother’s Day is not just a one-day celebration for all the mothers out there.

If we’re super broke, we can just give our mothers a really nice, long, and light hug for thanking them heartily for bringing us into this amazing world. Basically, we do anything which can make our mothers feel special on this particular. Indeed, Mother’s Day is the best day to show your mother how much you appreciate and love her!

Since our birth, our mothers have raised us, made us educated, loved us, cared for us, and make us learn good values and etiquettes. So, it’s our solemn responsibility to make our mothers feel special at least on the Mother’s day. Without the existence of our mothers, we might not be in this world, isn’t it? Different countries celebrate Mother’s Day in different ways because different countries have different cultures!

But, Mother’s day is celebrated only once on the same in the whole year. This day is completely dedicated to all the mothers for thanking them for everything that they have been doing for us since our birth! On this day, we can make our mothers feel as loved and cared as they have given to us.

But, Mother’s Day can’t simply highlight the actual value of motherhood. It is not only about giving birth to and raising children. The character of a mother encompasses the qualities of compassion, love, selflessness, kindness, and wisdom.

Why do we have to thank our mothers only on the mother’s day? Not only mothers, we should also thank our grandmothers who have been our ultimate source of happiness in our childhood. On the mother’s day, we should thank our grandparent as well! We can visit our grandparents on this mother’s day and surprise them on that day!

Not only mothers and grandmothers, we can thank our aunts and elder sisters who also played a major role in our lives. From toddlers to adults, these people have equally loved us and cared for us. For a married woman, her mother-in-law is as special as her own mother, right? So, Mother’s Day doesn’t mean only to thank mothers. Instead, we should thank each and every woman who has inspired us, loved us, and cared for us throughout their lives!

Those who don’t have a mother might have received the love from other women. They should make that person feel special on this Mother’s Day! From mother-in-law to elder sister, from grandmother to elder sister, you should thank every important woman in your life on this Mother’s Day.