High Heels Effects On Spine, Body, Hips and Knees

Recent studies have shown that the recent fashion trends are quite possibly the causes of your back pain. With so many ways out there women can potentially hurt their backs with they are still very much surprised to find out that the main cause is actually their footwear.

Who knew that your footwear would be more detrimental to your back health than diet, exercise, or even posture? Well, that is the case here. Now, it’s not just their fault, but rather a collaboration between them, the way you turn, how you sit, and how you lift things that are the responsible for your bad spine health.

Believe or not, those amazing looking and very stylish four-inches Stilettos are major players in the game for your Spine Health, and they don’t exactly play for the home team, but rather are the enemies. Wearing high hills all day long, every day of the week has a massive negative effect on your spine in many ways, like:

– Scoliosis.
– Lower Back Pain.
– Ingrown of Toenails.
– Leg Tendon Damage.
– Sciatica.
– Muscle Spasms.
– Osteoarthritis.

A Human Spine is made up of 30 smaller bones. Stacked in the column, making a slight S shape to make room for nerves and blood to go through smoothly and supporting the entire body.

The main reason for back pain and a less than preferable spine health is when that perfect alignment is somewhat compromised. With age, our healthy spine starts to fail, the joints get stiffer becoming less flexible, and the rubbery cushions between the bones wears off. Another side effect of aging is that our bone structures begin to break down, and brittle our spinal bones.

Now, no one can’t stop from aging as much as we would want to, but, we can still take care of our spine in several other ways to prevent more damage to it. Proper dieting, exercising, and posturing can ease most of the damage as well as mitigate some of the back pain we’ll experience from wearing those fabulous high heels that make our legs look longer and wonderful.

Instead of using those stilettos on a daily basis, you may want to restrict them to special occasions. Make sure you stretch your back and your legs properly when you are wearing those heels, also, when buying high heels go for those with a much rounder tip or square one, rather than pointy ones. As mentioned before try to wear them as little as possible, especially those that are much higher.