Nipah Virus – All Travelers To Be Isolated For 18 days

Nipah virus that was first observed in the person residing in Malaysia is now spreading in diverse corners of the world. In India, Kerala was the first state in which the people experienced this infection. However, the infection is extended to several other section of the country especially Karnataka. On this Tuesday, the two cases regarding the infection of Nipah viruses were reported in the hospitals of Bengaluru. Since there is no possible treatment discovered for this disease, 50% of the people dealing with the same died. The district administration department of Karnataka have passed a rule as per which the entire people travelling from the places that are infected by Nipah Virus will be examined and screened for 18 days to avoid unnecessary spread of the diseases to the residents of Bengaluru.

According to the statement given by Dr. P L Nataraj, the director of family welfare department, the two cases infected by this virus are somehow linked to Kerala i.e., one of the infected patient belongs to Kasaragod, a district in Kerala whereas another person recently paid a visit to the same state. as per the recent sources, the major district of Karnataka that are found vulnerable includes Chamarajanagar, Mysuru, Udupi, South Kannada, Shivamogga, Uttar Kannada, Kodagu, and Chikkamagaluru. Apart from maintaining high security in the border section with Kerala, the District health officers are responsible to report any epidemic regarding Nipah virus. Besides examining the people from Kerala borders, the state is also screening the people from Chikkamagaluru and Shivamogga as these districts are reportedly having highest emerging fruit bats.

District administration is requested to analyze two beds to separate both the Nipah cases. The command is passed to the entire identified government and private sectors to screen the essential parameters of infected patients. Moreover, they are also directed to record the history of these patients regarding flu-like symptoms. The ventilator system and ICU has to be kept prepared for the emergency cases in regard with the same virus. Healthcare personnel are necessitated to take certain precautions while dealing with the suspected or confirmed Nipah infected patients.

Addressing media, Dr BG Prakash Kumar, the deputy director of health and family welfare sector (also stated as the deputy director of National Vector Borne Disease control program) stated that the news regarding the Nipah infection in Kerala has not been confirmed yet as the bats are recently sent to Bhopal for further testing and clarification. He further added that there is still chaos about whether the infection is spreading through bats and pigs. Dr BG Prakash Kumar concluded his statement by saying that this virus spread through body fluids rather than air. However, in order to ensure the safety of the people of Karnataka, the state has taken various actions and implemented screening of the people coming from Kerala and other suspected states infected with a virus. This screening would last for 18 days.