What are tonsils stones and how to treat them?

Tonsil stones are also called as a Tonsilolite. They are caused by an accumulation of sulfur-producing microorganisms and fragments of food that get stuck in the tonsils. If these fragments are mixed with sulfur Volatile compounds created by anaerobic bacteria on the surface of your tongue, it can eventually generate chronic halitosis and stones.

They can also be the cause of sore throats. Although certainly, take a look at some of these sore throat remedies too.

The most common symptoms of tonsils stones are a pain, muscular aches and pains, nasal congestion, fever and chills and more commonly bad breath.

Tonsils stones made it increasingly risky as you get older but excluding that even if you have your tonsils removed, the most likely thing is bad breath persists, it is because of the bacteria in your mouth.

The crack tonsils or crypts in the back of the mouth are where these pieces form a calcareous matter. It is speculated that they are the product of a combination of any of the following:

  • Food fragments
  • Dead white blood cells
  • Oral microorganisms, possibly from the mouth to breathe
  • Hyperactivity of the salivary glands

Tonsils are guard posts, guard at the back of the throat to defend the fragile tissues of the lungs and intestines of foreign invaders. Many times, taking care of tonsil stones is not even necessary. Most people swallow the garbage without even realizing it, although it is still very small. They are quite common, however, and most people who develop them do not have the associated symptoms.

How to treat tonsils stones?

Removing tonsils stones are quite tough but not impossible. You can try to do it by evicting with your toothbrush or a finger. Another option is to use a Q-tip. A final method is to wash with a water comb, which is a dental pressure irrigator.

The water comb can also be used to get food stuck in the tonsils and the particles rinse food from between the teeth. It is said, this works better than flossing. There are also special sprays and nasal drops you can use to avoid them.

Tonsil stones are typically whitish white or yellow, irregularly shaped and smelling foul, and usually smaller in size. You can also have a white tongue to go along with them.

Tonsillectomy is the only definitive method of getting rid of them but good care of tonsils stone includes non-surgical options you should not stop following before requesting an ENT to remove the tonsils:

  • You might try gargling frequently with warm salt water.
  • Some people prefer to gargle with a mouth rinse which is basically salt water combined with various natural aromatic extracts.
  • Some dentists will put you on a long course of antibiotics in the hope that this will allow the tonsils to settle.

The most aggressive method to treat tonsils stones is through surgical treatment. If you want to treat it for a longer period of time, the best option is to cure it with laser resurfacing. This procedure called cryptosis. This method is performed by local anesthesia.