MIUI 10 to Launch Alongside Xiaomi Mi 8 on May 31

At its annual event, Xiaomi will be introducing MIUI 10 along with the Mi 8. The announcement about the all-new MIUI phones was made in January this year this phone mainly focuses on the artificial intelligence and wishes to make the mobile phones more users friendly by enhancing the machine learning. This phone will most likely replace the MIUI 9 which was introduced into the Indian market in July previous year. Interestingly the Xiaomi halted the production of the MIUI 9 to introduce MIUI 10 in the Indian market.

According to the teaser image that was posted by the company on its official MIUI Weibo account, this phone is said to be even fast than the lightning. The last phone in MIUI series MIUI 9 was launched with the tagline as fast as lightning. From this, it can be assumed that both the MIUI versions will have nearly same features but the experience of users will be enhanced by developing the performance speed of the phone. This version of MIUI will deliver faster services to the users.  As both Mi 8 and MIUI are being launched on the same day it is being assumed the Mi 8 will get MIUI 10. Although we are yet to receive any confirmation from Xiaomi about this.

Apart from enhanced performance, there are certain other features that will be incorporated in the new version on MIUI. The new MIUI is expected to have an upgraded and advanced settings app and the will most likely have few more new themes as well. It is being considered the new MIUI will have certainly advanced battery saving features. And the presence of artificial intelligence between the interface and on the camera app will definitely establish the new MIUI as new custom ROM between the users of Android.

The main catch of this MIUI is that it might come with facial recognition feature and it might also have 3 D face sensing module. This feature will most likely resemble apple’s Face ID that is present on the iPhone X.

Even though the new MIUI will be launched on may 31 this year it will take ample of time to reach the older devices of Xiaomi. But if you will buy Mi 8 then you will not have to wait to avail the features of MIUI 10. But if you re planning to buy the older devices of Xiaomi with this new MIUI then you need to wait for some time because it generally takes few months to put the new MIUI to older devices.