6 Kids Fashion Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

Dressing your kid is one of the most satisfying things that you can do. Everyone wants to see a cute outfit on a cute child. However, you should keep in mind that there are few criteriums that the clothes have to fulfill to be appropriate for wearing.

Because of the fact that kids have sensitive skin, it has to be made with natural materials like cotton. They have to be colorful so both the kids and the parents can enjoy them. Most importantly they have to be comfortable since kids are very active and anything that restricts their movement, or it sits tight on them, they will not want to wear it.

Every year has different trends that some parents want to follow, and there are also some things that never come out of fashion. You should keep in mind that your child will grow quickly so you might not be able to dress them in the same clothes the next year, that is why you should not overspend when getting these clothes. But, if you find something that you like a lot, you should get it because the satisfaction can’t be compared with costs.

In this article, we will talk about some fashion trends that you might want to consider when dressing your child this year.

They are predicted to be trendy and you can take many cool and cute photos for your albums or your social media.

1. Stripes

img source: pikist.com

This pattern never comes out of fashion because of the universal design. The stripes can be in many colors, or just in two depending on the model that you want. If they are colorful, the kids will enjoy wearing them because it attracts our eyes more. You can find different clothes in this pattern starting from tops to bottoms and accessories as well. However, the best option is to get a striped top, whether that is a t-shirt or a shirt so you can combine it easier with single-color pants or shorts.

The thing that might be important to you is the price. These patterns are not expensive and you can find them in any store. It doesn’t have to be a brand, just make sure that the materials that it is made of don’t irritate your child’s skin.

2. Dots

img source: alicdn.com

Another pattern that is coming back, the dots are one of the coolest patterns that you can dress your child in. They offer variations in colors while still holding that dotted look. You can have them in a one-colored background with different colored dots, or you can have them in many colors depending on what you look for. This design is made more for the girls, especially in dresses so they look cool whether on a picnic or just a regular day outside. They are really easy to combine with other clothes and accessories so you will have no trouble with that as seen on https://www.kiskissing.com/.

3. Plaid

img soruce: iloveplaytime.com

This pattern is still in trend because of the different ways that you can wear it, while also being one of the easiest patterns to match with other clothes. Depending on whether your child is a boy or a girl, the colorways can be different, and also the types of clothes that you will look for. For example, if your kid is a boy, getting a plaid shirt for him will make it a really cool fit. You can try light tones, or go more for the earth tones, depending on the weather and your preference.

If your child is a girl, the plaid pattern will not be that suitable for a shirt, however, you can get dresses and skirts in this design. The material might be too thick for the summer days, but for spring and autumn, they are perfect.

4. Fruits and flowers

img source: shopee.com.my

One of the most interesting designs, especially for the summer days. Designs with a lot of fruits on them can be a great choice both for boys and girls. There are really cool light shirts with short sleeves with patterns like these. You can find them in any color, but most commonly there are a lot of colorful fruits on a white background. This choice is great because of the colors that they have, and both the kids and the parents can enjoy the child’s fit.

When it comes to flower designs, they are still in trend because of the unique design that they offer. You can buy a dress or any other type of clothing for your girl and that will look great on her. The design is pretty similar to the fruity one, with the difference that they are replaced with flowers.

5. Tie-dye

img source: parenting.com

One of the coolest designs that you can select for your child. With a variety of colors, you can choose whatever your child wants. You can have tie-dye on every piece of clothing and it will still look great. Most commonly, tie-dyes are made on very comfortable cotton fabric so your child will enjoy wearing them.

If you happen to be a DIY person, you can make your own designs with colors that are a favorite to your kid. You get an old t-shirt that is still in a good condition, or you just buy new plainclothes, twist them around, hold them in place with rubber bands or lace and apply the colors. If you are concerned about the colors, whether they will irritate the skin of your child, you can use food coloring, or just parts of fruits, like strawberry or blueberry juice.

6. All white fit

img source: alicdn.com

This applies not only to kids but to adults also. White t-shirts on white shorts for boys, and white long dresses for girls are the example of a clean fit. The white color might be a little bit hard to maintain since kids run around and they can make stains pretty easy. However, they will look great before that, both for formal appearances and for regular days.


With many different options, might be hard to choose what to get but you should always listen to your kids. Whatever they choose, from the options that you give them, that should be your choice as well. In the end, it’s them who will wear it so make sure they are comfortable in it. When it comes to trends, it is your decision to follow them or not, they are just suggestions and you make the final call. Make sure that both you and your child like the item so they love wearing it for a long time, or until they grow it out.