Is RuneScape Still Free?

In the last two decades, games from all over the world have got a chance to explore a completely new genre of video games. We are talking about MMORPG. For those who don’t know what it means, we are talking about RPGs that are played online. Among the first titles that utilized this approach, we can find World of Warcraft. However, many people make the mistake of thinking that this was the first one.

In fact, we can see that the roots of this approach are much older. At the same time, we can see that it isn’t the most popular one. It shares the first spot with RuneScape, which was released back in 2007. The only difference was that this was a browser game. However, with the increased popularity of this title, the developing company, Jagex, decided on making it a full, standalone game.

As you can presume, RuneScape offers you pretty much all the possibilities you can come across similar titles. You can purchase additional items that can enhance your progress online. If you want to check out some of these, be sure to visit Rsorder. Now, we would like to talk about RuneScape in greater detail. One of the reasons why we want to do it is that many are uncertain whether it is still free.

What’s it All About?

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Before we are to continue talking about this title, it needs to be said that it utilizes a somewhat different approach than any other MMORPG out there. For instance, you will not be required to complete a wide array of quests traditionally. Instead, the player will be required to complete countless puzzles to progress further in the game. Also, by completing these, you will enhance your character’s abilities.

When it comes to character creation at the beginning, you will not need to invest a lot of effort. You just need to opt for a couple of characteristics that will lead your hero in the way you want it to go. Naturally, as the game progresses, you can alter progress quite a bit. Many players, both old and new, praise the game for this approach. It makes all the things much easier for them in the long run.

Even though we are talking about the game that has been around for at least two decades, we can see that it has aged pretty well. So, you will not be annoyed with any aspect. For example, controls are completely up to today’s standards. Naturally, graphics are not as good as with the latest titles. But that doesn’t mean that you will consider it unplayable, you can count on that.

How Popular it is?

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Over the years, millions of players have tried out this game. So, a wide array of those who have just started playing it will have a problem until they find the available nickname. After you manage to do it perfectly, you will not face any other problems. When it comes to the number of those who participate in RuneScape, you will see that roughly 600,000 of them are daily active.

In 2024, the total number of those who enjoy it was an exceptional 15.6 million. According to some older reports, we can see that the number of accounts created for all the titles was around 35 million. We don’t believe that many titles can say that for themselves, don’t we? While it is obvious that many have decided not to play it anymore, it certainly has a loyal base that surpasses fifteen million, which is nothing short of exceptional.

Where You Can Find It These Days?

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Many older players weren’t happy to hear that pretty much all the servers were shut down by the developing company. While the reasons for this action remained unknown, this shutdown was followed by an opening of countless updated ones that enhance the whole experience significantly. Even though starting pretty much from scratch is not an easy thing to pull off, only a month later, the servers showed exceptional 1 million accounts.

Not to mention that there are some updated versions, who are not browser-oriented games. Instead, these new titles are games on their own. Meaning, you need to purchase them in stores or on steam. But that doesn’t mean that the developers have forgotten about the old, loyal base. It means that you can still play the old-school version of the game, no matter the updates that followed.

Some even say that this older version is a much more popular one. Surely, confirming these claims is not an easy thing to do. But when you see some similar titles, it is not hard to see that the older versions haven’t been surpassed by the future installments. As you can see, RuneScape is pretty much accessible in the same capacity as it was before. The only thing that changed is that you can find new versions.

Is It Still Free?

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We’ve mentioned that there are some versions of RuneScape that will require those who want to participate in it to pay a certain fee. At the same time, the old school has remained completely free for all of those who are interested in it. Not to mention that you can access it in the same way you used to do it. Therefore, you will not face any problems by coming across something you are not familiar with.

The Bottom Line

If we take a look at the video game industry, we can see that remastering older titles has become quite a popular thing to do. That way, you can experience something you used to love in a completely new shape, with improved graphics and controls. Sometimes, these updates are simply not up to the task.

One of the titles you can play in the same capacity you are used to, but have some additional content is RuneScape. Thankfully, some of its versions are still free. So, if you are into this genre, don’t hesitate to try it out when you have the chance. Here, you can find all about the most important elements of RuneScape.