How to Start a Sneaker Collection In 2024

Are you a sneakerhead who’ll do whatever it takes to add the latest pair of Air Jordans to your footwear collection?

According to Grand View Research, the global sneaker market was worth $78.5 billion in 2021 and could grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% between 2022 and 2030.

If you love sneakers but aren’t a collector, what’s stopping you? It makes sense to learn how to join the ranks of the sneakerheads.

Keep reading to see what goes into kickstarting your sneaker collection.

1. Get the Right Size

Getting the correct shoe size is more complex than it might sound. For one thing, your feet will continue to grow until you’re in your early 20s.

So, if you start your sneaker collection in your teens, say, you may end up with shoes you can’t wear after a few years.

Do you want shoes you can’t wear because they’re too small? If not, you’ll want to be careful when you start your collection.

Consider, too, that different shoe manufacturers might have different methods of deciding shoe sizes. Be careful to avoid disappointment. You can perform due diligence by contacting the seller to get the specifics on sizing.

2. Set a Realistic Budget


You must set a realistic budget to add some cool sneakers to your collection. What’s your disposable income each month? Do you have enough for new sneakers after living expenses and other essential things?

What kind of sneakers do you want? You’ll have to pony up some serious dough if you seek limited-edition kicks. Spend within your means so your decision to collect sneakers doesn’t become a financial nightmare.

3. Figure Out What Kinds of Sneakers You Want

What kind of sneakers do you covet? Do you want Adidas Adilette shoes? Do you have a preference between the Adidas Adilette and Air Jordan sneakers? Are you into high-top or low-top shoes? Figure out what you want.

Collecting sneakers will be easier if you know what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll be bombarded with a dizzying array of options. And that’ll make it much harder to make a buying decision.

While you may want new shoes to start your sneaker collection, pay attention to the used sneakers marketplace. In fact, if you’re going to add popular sneakers from yesteryear to your collection, you’ll have to buy them used.

Do your homework and find the right used and new sneakers for your collection.

4. Start Networking With Other Sneakerheads


When starting your sneaker collection, you must network with people doing the same thing. You’ll learn a lot by joining online communities dedicated to different aspects of the industry.

Do you have a specific type of sneaker that you want to focus on? Find an online community dedicated to that segment. Join as many of them as you want ─ and be sure to introduce yourself, ask questions, and take part.

It’s about rubbing your shoulders with newbies and expert sneakerheads. By joining online communities, you’ll learn the lingo, find out about trends, and get the nitty-gritty on new sneakers that are about to drop.

It’s worth your while to join other sneakerheads in online communities.

5. Conduct Research

Starting a sneaker collection means researching to understand the market. What sneakers are hot and collectible? Are prices in the industry too hot right now? If so, when might things cool down a bit? Research is essential.

Doing your research will give you the confidence to make the right moves. You’ll know what sneakers to pursue and how much to pay.

6. Learn How to Store Sneakers


Do you have space to store your sneaker collection? That’s an important consideration. You’ll have to start with a modest collection if space available is an issue. You can grow your collection as your storage capacity increases.

Storing your kicks in plastic boxes is better than in the original cardboard boxes. And if you wear the shoes, clean them before storing them.

You’ll want the space where you store your sneakers to be cool and dry. Doing so will ensure your shoes stay in good shape over the long-term period.

7. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Following social media accounts that give product updates is a good idea. Do you want to know when the newest Air Jordans will hit store shelves? The right social media accounts keep sneakerheads up to date on upcoming releases.

You won’t have to search as much since social media updates will keep you informed.

8. Start Local and Then Branch Out


When you’re just getting started, it pays to start locally. You’ll want to go to retailers specializing in sneakers.

Take your time. Walk around, see what’s there, try on shoes you like, talk to the sales staff, and get what you want.

You can branch out after making your first few sales close to home.

The internet has many options whether you want new or used sneakers. Do some research before patronizing online retailers you’ve never shopped at. Otherwise, you might end up with a dreaded case of buyer’s remorse.

Get Started With Your Sneaker Collection

Are you ready to start your sneakerhead journey? It can be a rewarding hobby.

Your sneaker collection can be anything you want it to be. There are many options and styles out there, so figure out what you want to focus on.

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