Understanding Your Medicare Summary Notice ─ A Guide For Seniors

Many people follow a healthy lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean they are safe from the unfortunate times when they get ill. Illnesses depend not solely on your lifestyle but on your surroundings and work life.

Knowing what type of illness you might have in the future is not possible, which is why people opt for health insurance. Health insurances like medicare provide various plans that people can opt for according to their needs.

A person’s worst-case scenario is having a terminal or lifelong illness. Such illnesses might be tolerable when you are young, but it’s even more problematic when you get old. Handling all those expenses is difficult with the other illnesses one gets due to old age. It is why separate Medicare senior services cater especially to the needs of the older generation.

Services Provided By Medicare For Seniors

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The problem with older people and diseases is that they need more medicines and rest than they want. It creates feelings of helplessness and affects the mind of the older generation leading to them working more. It can cause mental ailments and physical ailments, making their health worse. For this purpose, you are supposed to select the medical insurance you want carefully.

Below are some of the services that are provided by medicare, especially for older people.

Prescription Medicine Coverage

In today’s age, the normal insurance for the younger generation only covers the medicinal bills if and when you opt for one and pay for it accordingly. Considering that old age people require prescription medicines occasionally, they need to have insurance for their medication.

It is why medicare provides coverage for prescription medicines for older adults. These could be supplements, regular medicines, or specifically rated drugs that older people need from time to time.

Hospital Insurance

Having hospital insurance ensures that you wouldn’t have to wait for someone to lay their bills to get their treatment. It ensures that their stay at the hospital doesn’t give them mental pressure on their economic situation and hinder their recovery.

Hospital insurance for most people usually covers everything mentioned on the hospital bills other than prescription medicines. The insurance company covers prescription medicines separately as it’s only available for those older people who opted for them.

Medicare Advantage

Any elderly who opts for medicare insurance have access to choose whatever plan they need in the respective time periods. If needed, they can reduce the features they need and change their plans as needed. Along with the upper services elderly are able to enjoy all the regular services as well.

What Is A Medicare Summary Notice?

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A medicare summary notice is a notice which has details about the insurance provided in great detail. It consists of all the medical necessities for which you have been billed in the past three months. It mentions all the things, such as what has already been paid for and what you might have to pay out of your pocket. Before this, you also get a notice early on during this quarter where all the benefits available to you are listed.

These both are for comparison purposes as to what has been provided, what you have gotten, and what other medical expenses you currently have to pay. This notice can be received through various offline and online channels. If you need monthly updates, then you can check out your monthly claims online in your account on the insurance website. This notice cannot be considered a bill but is sufficient for reviewing and finding errors.

If the provider for your insurance is private, this notice usually comes in the form of an EOB or explanation of benefits. It is very similar to the medicare summary notice in which all your bills and claims will be present. You can even fill in the EOB for your prescription medicines each month to know if they are covered or not. Naturally, for this, you should check your prescription covering insurance first before filling out the form.

How To Understand A Medicare Summary Notice Properly?

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Knowing how to review the pages to understand a medicare summary notice properly is important. The medicare summary consists of parts A and B, which further consist of four parts each. To properly review the notice, separately reviewing both parts is important. Further, keeping these notices after reviewing them is important for claiming insurance and comparison purposes.

The Part A of the notice, the first portion, elaborates on the amount you have claimed along with the dates and the institution where it was claimed. It’ll also have a detailed list of what has been approved for the claim and what hasn’t.

The second and third portion elaborates on a few tips for reviewing the number of days of coverage that have been used and any other coverage by Medigap as well. The last portion of the notice details how you can file for an appeal to disagree with the coverage and the payment decision.

The Part B of the notice elaborates on what has been deducted, what you have claimed, and the overall costs for the last three months. The first, second, and third portions give in detail about what you have been billed for, other providers that have billed you, and tips on how you should properly review your notice.

It also gives a brief on which insurer was the one to cover parts of your expenses. Finally, the fourth part gives detailed information about what to do if you disagree with the claims or need help with applying for appeals for both.


With time there are several changes made to the medical insurance system. With this, it can be difficult for both older and younger people to keep up with the changes. This guide will help you understand the services the insurance provides and how to understand and review the summary notice.

Initially, it might be complex, but with this guide’s help, you can manage better and understand your insurance work.