How To Pull Off Your Favorite Celebrity’s Hairstyle to Look Amazing Everywhere You Go

Its summer time again, and you can hear every girl with long hair complaining how her hair cannot stay away from their body. Well, girls it is time to stop complaining and start braiding.

Here are five hairstyles inspired from our very own Bollywood celebrities that are not only fashionable but also very comfortable.

  1. Braid your hairs like Sonam

When you are getting so much irritated by your hair making you feel warmer than the weather originally is, then braid your hair like Sonam Kapoor did. Her braid is called Milkmaid braid and is perfect for hot weather conditions.

  1. Twist and braid like Deepika

It is a perfect hairstyle for you, especially for those girls whose hair goes past their waistline. Deepika Padukone wore her hair in a ponytail braid and twisted it to make it a perfectly stylish look.

  1. Bind your hairs in a bun like Priyanka

It is difficult to not see this name when talking about anything fashionable in India. Priyanka Chopra pulls out this half up-do perfectly.  A perfect way to style your hair when you are going for a dinner party, simply take half of your hairs and pull them into a bun. Fashionable and easy, this hairstyle is perfect for summers.

  1. Pull your hairs in a bun like Kareena

This messy albeit stylish hairstyle suits almost every family function that you start prepping for months before. Messy hair is the trend and makes you look quite a charmer.

  1. Pull your hairs in a side bun like Alia

This one is another messy hairstyle which you can rock anywhere. Easy and fast to do, it is a perfect pick for summers.

Following our favorite celebrities is a trend and these are some of the best hairstyles that have been followed by our favorite actresses in various events. Which one would you like to follow?