8 Weird World Records Set by Indians Will Make You Go ROFL

You must have heard about various world records set by different people around the world, making the world’s longest Pizza, for example. While many of the world records were quite normal, there were many which are downright bizarre. In this post, we have picked eight such unusual world records set by Indian people, which will make your eyebrows touch your hairline.

  1. For the longest domain name

Khimasiya Punit bought the longest domain name in the world just for the sake of setting a world record. However, you have to give the man some credit for being so creative to even think about the record. Regrettably, the page is no longer available now.

The sixty-seven characters long Domain name was– “www.whatiswrongwiththeindiangovernmentwhyitfailedalwaystosaveindians.com”

  1. For typing with nose

Khurshid Hussain holds the record of fastest typing with his nose. He wrote, “Guinness World Record has challenged me to type this sentence using my nose in the fastest time,” and set the world record.

  1. For snorting fish

Sounds wacky? That is what we are doing right now, looking for the most unusual records set by the Indians. The record for snorting most fishes goes to G T Vijaykumar, Tamil Nadu’s Yoga instructor. He snorted eight live fishes in one minute by sucking them first and then snorting them out.

  1. For the longest ear hair

And the record for the longest ear hair goes to Antony Victor, who allowed his ear hair to grow to 18.1 centimeters. He broke the record of Radhakant Bajpai who had 12.5-centimeter long ear hair in 2007.

  1. For most hugs

Jayasimha Ravirala holds thirteen world records, the maximum number of the world record, any Indian holds. This time he set the world record for giving most hugs in one hour. On September 20, 2012, he hugged 2436 different people and set the record.

  1. For the highest number of flags tattooed on the body

The seventy-year-old Guinness Rishi holds the world record for the highest number of flags, maps, and characters tattooed on his body. He has got flags of 305 different countries, maps of 185 different countries, mini version of flags of 165 different countries and 2985 characters craved out on his body.

His latest addition of 61 flags took 3 hours and 3 minutes to complete and it was done at the tattoo parlor ‘Team KDZ Tattoos Body Work’ in Delhi, India.

  1. For largest gaming party

The largest gaming party was organised in 2013 by Bharti Airtel Ltd in Bangalore, Karnataka and it was attended by 510 people.

  1. For the costliest wedding

Lakshmi Mittal wedded his daughter Vanisha Mittal in 2004 and her wedding to Amit Bhatia was the most expensive wedding. The Wedding ceremony was held at the momentous Chateau Veaux le Vicomte, built in the 17th century near Paris. Their Engagement ceremony was held at the Palace of Versailles.

I laughed at the 4th one the most. Which one made you go ROFL?