Never Search in the Google App of your Android Phone; You Will Be Shocked to See What Opens

Have you ever tried searching in the Google app on your android phone? Well, if not, then you should try and have a look whether your privacy is getting compromised too.

When people with One Plus, Samsung, Huawei and LG phones search in the search tab of their Google application then the search results show the latest chat of the user. Similar kind of results are obtained when people search ‘Izela viagens’, ‘Vizel viagens’, ‘Zela viagens’.

The reason for this strange Google glitch is the new feature of Google, called ‘Google Assistant’, which asks for your permission to read out the recent text messages of the user.

The glitch was discovered by a Reddit user who accidentally added two periods while searching for the band ‘1975’ on his Pixel Smartphone. The appearance of the messages on the app has left many people baffled.

Thankfully, your own messages show up in your browser and not some random stranger’s messages. That means your messages are not reaching to the other people too.

Apparently, it can be avoided if you do not give permission to Google Assistant to read your messages.

When Google was asked to comment on the glitch then no direct comment came from their part, however, they put the fault on a Language detection bug and said that they are repairing the bug in the next few days.

So, if you want to see for yourself whether your messages are displayed in the search results then you need to search it soon as the bug will be fixed in the next few days.