We Bet You Will Be Surprised To Know These Facts About Beer!

When we talk about world’s most popular drinks then beer comes third after Tea and coffee. People are so crazy about it that at any given time around 0.7% of world’s population is drunk.

There are some very crazy things that people have done for beer and we have picked a few craziest of them. Have a look!

Beer as a Payment method

When you want to make the most amazing movie and don’t want to spend a lot of money on it then you can use Beer as a Payment method. This will reduce the amount of money that you are spending on the movie. Don’t look so surprised. It has been done before and the movie was a big hit.

The movie “MAD MAX” was directed by George Miller in 1979 and the payment done to the actors was in the form of beer. A few luckier actors were paid $20 or $50 along with the beer.

Fun Countries

There are a few countries whose inhabitants drink more than an average number of glasses per day. A single person in the countries like Seychelles, Austria, and Germany drink 114.6, 104.8 and 104.7 liters of beer per year. However, Czech Republican has broken all the records! A single person consumes 142.6 liters of alcohol per year.

For pregnant women

If a pregnant woman likes the taste of non-alcoholic beer then this one is for them. Barley contains a polysaccharide that encourages the production of the hormone, which produces milk in pregnant women. However, beer is not such a good beverage. It does the opposite; it inhibits the production of milk-producing the hormone.

For and by Astronauts

When a Japanese and Russian crew was sent on a space expedition in 2006, they took some barley seeds with them so that they can grow them in space and produce beer. The beer was named Sapporo and was the only beer that was produced in space.

For this hulk

His name is Andre, the Giant and the man actually drinks 119 liters of beer at once. It is advised that you don’t try doing this because you would die from alcohol poisoning. Remember, your name is not ‘giant’ and you are not a huge wrestler.

Surprised, right? Even I was! That’s why wanted to share it with you all 😉