Heres How OnePlus 6 Camera Compares To iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Google Pixel 2

As we all know that OnePlus 6 is supposed to launch on this very 16th may, there has not only been a lot of build up but also there has been a lot of challenges coming in. OnePlus 6 and its management has challenged it’s to be user and companies in the market asking them as to how is OnePlus’s camera anyway less than the best supplied in the market, namely Samsung, Apple and Google.

OnePlus 6 has a dual rear camera benefit, and as made a post on the OnePlus Indian website,has made a post which is a blind test and OnePlus have put up pictures taken from the OnePlus phone and has put it alongside with the pictures taken from the phones with the best camera quality, namely Google Pixel, Galaxy S9 and Apple’s iPhone X. They are now asking each of the participants to take up this competition where they can win a lot of OnePlus goodies, also the phone OnePlus 6. There are four categories, namely ‘Architecture’, ‘ Potrait’, ‘Low Light Potrait’, and ‘Low Light’. An archive and collection of all these pictures have been made taken from all the named phones. Now the online participant has to choose his/ her favourite. The competition is taking place to create awareness about how the camera is and also is in the form of a lucky draw.

What is important to notice here is that the designated images have been secluded from any metadata that could be accessed and identified. It has been lessened down to a standard size and dimension of pixels. This sort of a feature will make it between the samples and make it more difficult to make a distinction as the full size images are not available. The full revelation is not being done here, as it is not showcasing as it will give the advantages that are attained from a high – resolution camera and better lenses.

All of this is mostly user based because there are different outputs from the four different products in picture. The user can now decide on which one is better and which one looks the best. It also gives the user or the participant choices as to tell if the picture was needed to be artificially boosted with more clarity and sharpness. Other options are to enhance more bright colouring schemes. However, it has been spotted that there is a remarkable distinction in one of the pictures from the other four in the set. Now this is a better or a worse option, is left on the user to decide.

The main point that One Plus wants to prove is that there is no need to buy an extremely pricy phone in order to have a great camera quality experience. Mixed reviews have taken the social media by storm as for the post, “The #OnePlus6 Dual Camera takes on iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Google Pixel 2. Can you match the shot to the phone?”