Now This Google AI Duplex Does Your Chores

A main aim of the developers of computers has been to make the computer an easy to access device, in order to help the users to understand and explain the system what they want. We have seen Google voice and Google assistants which try to recognise speech and answer you, as on would engage in a natural, humanly conversation.

This not only makes the operating system an easy to operate, but also indulges the user in a way that they no longer have to adjust to the working of the system. In this process, Google has now launched its new application, called the Google duplex, which engages in a normal conversational flow.

Here in this application there is no need to engage in the way the system would, whereas the system conducts a normal conversation, which humans usually engage in. You can use Google Duplex to carry out daily tasks. For example:- You can ask this application to fix an appointment with a designated doctor, or ask it to fix a meeting. It acts like your personal planner without the hassle of having to understand and work in the way the system wants you to.

This application works in closed domains or the domains it is trained in. Before being allowed to make calls for you, this application needs to be well trained or else it will not be able to make any conversations. It sounds completely natural as if a real human was speaking to another human on the phone, thus ensuring its high professional consistency.

The application has now been launched for mostly to be conducted in meetings, and business entities. More experiments will be done in the following months. It is made with the intent to sound more accepted, so as to make the conversational experience more comfortable and for users to have an above average experience.

Natural sentences and speech are more complicated than how people speak to a machine or write. People use pauses, words like úgh’ and ‘umm’ which might not be the case when given an instruction. People sometimes say ‘scheduled for 3’. The real question here is what are we talking about here? Are we saying that the meeting will take place with 3 people or does it mean at 3 PM/ AM. There are many flaws in such speech and it is the responsibility of the application to respond accordingly to the given status by the other person. Thus, Google duplex is an extremely trained application for normal speech. The application uses two concepts, namely Automatic Speech Recognition( ASR) technology and pattern and the history of the conducted conversations.