10 Great Digital Careers to Aim For in 2024

The dawning of the New Year heralds a fresh start for many people, signaling the time for changes to be made to live over the next 12 months.

Studies have shown that around one-third of workers contemplate searching for a different job at this time of year, with career prospects and increased wages amongst the main reasons cited.

According to SportsHabit, the digital sector is one of the most rewarding to work in, so read on as we look at some of the great careers to aim for in 2024.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Source: bluewolfdigital.com

People who specialize in digital marketing are highly sought after, with their skills giving businesses the ability to advertise their goods and services effectively.

Some businesses were previously slow to recognize the importance of implementing a digital marketing strategy, and many are now playing catch-up.

If you have qualifications or experience in marketing or journalism, there are a wide range of exciting opportunities available in this area.

Digital marketing is also something that can be undertaken on a freelance basis, making it the ideal choice for anyone who fancies working for themselves.

Data Analyst

Source: techrepublic.com

In today’s fast-paced society, data is king, and this presents plenty of opportunities for people who can decipher this vital information.

Modern digital marketing tools provide businesses with a plethora of data that they can use to better inform future advertising activities.

The ability to drill down into this information requires someone with an analytical mind, and not everyone is lucky enough to possess this skill. You can also check Data Analytics Training by Intellipaat to upskill in this field.

With recruitment experts projecting a 16 percent growth in openings through to 2028, data analysts have an exciting future ahead of them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning Engineer

Source: gabrielamueller.com

With the tech industry shifting its focus toward the emerging field of automation, there is an increasing number of enticing roles available in this area.

Demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) Engineers is incredibly high, and this has been tipped to continue for the foreseeable future.

AI/ML Engineers use big data to train models involved in economic forecasting, natural language processing, and image recognition.

They may also contribute to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, thus making this a high-end career well worth considering.

Identity Verification

Source: veriff.com

The payment processing solutions market has been forecast to be worth more than $120 billion by 2025, highlighting the lucrative nature of the industry.

The ability to develop instant verification experiences that strengthen relationships with consumers is a skill that businesses are prepared to pay well for.

Online casinos, banks, and eCommerce sites are amongst a massive range of areas where identity verification plays a massive role in how they operate.

If you have experience with regulatory requirements and financial risk management, there are dozens of different roles to choose from.

Software Engineer

Source: pexels.com

Nearly every industry in the world reliant on some kind of software, from the apps on phones to internet browsers and much more.

This makes software engineering a lucrative job path to pursue, particularly as the demand for skills is not going to slow down any time soon.

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a Senior Software Engineer is £59,000 in the United Kingdom, while a Senior Software Developer can earn even more.

Whether you have a degree in computer science or practical experience, software engineering is an excellent career route to head down.

Web Developer

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Web Developers use programming language frameworks and design strategies to build and maintain websites and applications.

They make sure that every element of a website – text, images, video, and so on – are correctly rendered across all devices.

Full Stack Developers are in big demand at the moment, particularly in the online gambling industry where new sites are launched on a regular basis.

Salaries are impressive at entry-level and increase rapidly the further up the scale you go, making this one of the most satisfying careers around.

DevOps Engineer

Source: techexec.com.au

DevOps Engineers focus on the production of software, overseeing the latest code releases to ensure that the process runs seamlessly.

The role requires the engineer to monitor software and make sure that any inefficiencies are ironed out without any impact on business operations.

Many tech companies have embraced the ethos of remote working, making DevOps Engineer roles even more attractive.

With average annual base pay of around £45,000 and plenty of career progression options, working as a DevOps Engineer can be hugely rewarding.

Network and Systems Administrator

Source: jobzey.com

Network and Computer Systems Administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operation of these networks within an organization.

They install, organize, and support business computer systems including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), intranets, network segments, and other data communication systems.

Administrators also manage an organization’s servers and ensure that employee computer equipment, email, and data storage networks work properly.

The increasing adoption of cloud services businesses that do not have their own dedicated IT departments could increase the demand for Network and Systems Administrators in the future.

Graphic Designers

Source: naibuzz.com

If you are adept at using tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, there are plenty of careers in graphic design to choose from.

Graphic Designers play a crucial role in businesses that run digital advertising campaigns, with their skills used to bring marketing concepts to life.

Product illustrations, social content, and branding materials are amongst the ways that graphic design is utilized by companies.

This is also another career that can be undertaken on a freelance basis, giving you more freedom to manage your future destiny.

e-Commerce Specialist

Source: datadesign.me

e-Commerce makes your goods and services more accessible, taking the obstacle of a suitable location entirely out of the equation.

An e-Commerce Specialist will collaborate with marketing teams, supporting their function to ensure that sales opportunities are maximized.

The role requires you to have an understanding of data, and use your insights to deliver commercial growth consistently.

e-Commerce Specialists can earn around £35,000 per year, with managerial roles paying around double that figure for the best talent.