Problems with Your AC and Repair Available in Saint Petersburg

You may have noticed one day that your air conditioner is no longer cooling the room. Other times, it is working fine, but you hear the compressor stop in the middle of a hot day, and you feel sweat forming after some minutes.

Like any other appliances inside the house, your AC also needs TLC to ensure that it will always deliver cold air into the room. You may notice some changes in the temperature or the performance if it has been months since you kept your air conditioner in top-notch condition. Experts in Saint Petersburg can often remedy this.

If you want to remain cool when the weather is heating up, you may want to contact the experts and ensure that your appliance is fine. Experts in many sites like GulfCoastServices can point out specific problems and fix them right there and then. Others will recommend that you may need a newer appliance since the old one is nearing the end of its life.

There are common problems in ACs that you need to know about. If you still feel hot and sweaty while your appliance is running, you may ask some of these questions to help you determine the problem.

Questions to Ask about your Air Conditioner

Are the Filters Dirty?


You may have window-types or split-types in your home. Either way, both ACs have filters that prevent dirt from circulating. If you have not scheduled a cleaning and maintenance service for your appliance, now is the right time to do it. The filters can easily go dirty after some months because of accumulated dust, mold, and grime.

If you have not had the chance to clean the filters recently, you may want to check for technicians near your place. You may want to search on the websites, get recommendations, or call the local experts in your area in Saint Petersburg.

The system will continuously be running, especially during hot days, and it is essential to clean it occasionally. If you have a pet, the more reason you should be in touch with the experts to remove stuck hair and other dirt inside the unit.

Is it Too Hot Inside the Room?


Many times, homeowners may install an air conditioner in an open area. This means that the rooms get direct sunlight, and there are no curtains in place. As a result, the AC will have a harder time cooling an entire room and getting everyone comfortable.

If you have to choose the area where your bedrooms are going to be during the construction phase, you need somewhere shady for easier cooling. There should also be shades to block sunlight from entering the rooms and heating the house. However, if you suspect that your unit is emitting hot air even if it’s shady inside, maybe it’s time to consider calling AC repair technicians and see what’s really going on in your appliance.

Is there Warm Air Leaking In?


You may want to check seals, holes, and other areas where warm air can come in from the outside. The room should be tightly closed for more effective cooling, and it should not seep out so that the compressor will not work hard to maintain the temperature. If there’s hot air seeping in, you may have higher electrical bills at the end of the month.

Reseal your rooms and do weather stripping if needed. The technicians in Saint Petersburg may advise you to get insulation panels for more efficiency and check with the manufacturers’ guides to know more about what to do when you do AC installation for the first time.

Is the Window Vibrating?


It is true that the AC can make a lot of noise because the fans continue to whir, and the compressor will be turned on and off. The noises are considered normal, but if you hear vibrations in the window, you may want to get a technician to know what is going on.

There are times when the unit was incorrectly installed. Make sure that if you have a window-type, it’s sitting correctly in its place. You might have to call techs for possible repairs if the vibration caused damage to your unit.

Other Things to Look For

  • Thermostat

You may want to check if the thermostats are in the right setting. You may have programmable or smart thermostats so that you can easily control the overall temperature even if you are just sitting on the couch. If you suspect that there is something wrong with the controls, you may call the technicians for a further look.

  • Registers

The registers are often part of the HVAC system where it is a grill that can be opened or closed. They consist of moving parts that can accumulate dirt and grime over the long run.

Make sure that they are clean and there is no debris that is blocking them. What you can do is vacuum them to remove build-up. You can also check with the experts on how you can clean your registers without damaging anything else in the process.

  • Crowded Compressors

If you have an outdoor unit or a split-type air conditioner, you may want to remove any plants or obstructions near the compressor. This is because this equipment needs uninterrupted airflow so that it can work efficiently. If you have plants or any other structures around your home, make sure that they are about two to three feet away from the compressor. The clearance should also be at least five feet on top, and there should not be any trees above this outdoor appliance.