Did You Know Your Sleeping Posture Reveals A Lot About You!

Did you know that your sleeping position tells a lot about you? If not, then read on and see what piece of information you reveal to, well no one, when you sleep at night.

  1. Fetal position

If you sleep in a fetal position, then congratulations, you are a part of that 41% population who sleeps like you do. The people who sleep like this tend to be hard from outside but soft from the inside. They are shy, but when they become comfortable with you, they show a very warm and receiving nature. If your hands are stretched out, while you are sleeping in a fetal position then this position depicts your open and ready-to-conquer-everything-in-life kind of nature.

  1. On your belly

People sleeping in this position are prone to pain in their back and neck if they don’t use a pillow. Some people curl their hands around their pillow while some do not. Regardless, they are very confident and friendly, still a bit anxious.

  1. On your back

This position is also known as Soldier position and the people sleeping in this position naturally avoid any back pain. The people who sleep in this position tend to be of reserved nature, quiet and rigid, they can prove to be quite bossy too.

  1. Log position

These people face towards one side while sleeping and their arms and legs are kept straight. People sleeping in this position tend to keep one of their hands under the pillow for comfort. People sleeping in this position are easy going, trustworthy and have a very inflexible thinking process.

Some people keep their arms pointing outwards while sleeping in this position.  These people are suspicious by nature and give things up very easily.

Which is your sleeping position? I am among the 41% who sleep in fetal position. What about you?